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# 1 ATI Radeon HD issues?
01-20-2010, 02:00 PM
I am a moderate gamer that has been playing many games for quite awhile on this system but on my first install and a few runs of the STO beta client, I am getting such horrible performance the game is unplayable. Is there a known issue with the ATI Radeon HD cards?

My system is XP-Pro, dual-core 3.0ghz, 3gb ram, ATI Radeon HD 4890.

I'm getting less than .5 fps in every part of the game except character creation. Even after turning down all graphics settings to the bare minimum. I've updated drivers, checked all settings in the Catalyst control center I could think of.

I pre-ordered the game, and was planning on forking out for the lifetime membership since I expect this is a game that will be around for awhile. Unless I can find a resolution for this issue, I am going to have to go find something else to play.

If anyone can point me to a fix, please please please do so. I'll continue to poke around but the multitude of issues being reported is a little overwhelming.

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