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# 1 Consolidated LOR Bug List #2
06-03-2013, 11:11 AM
Because of overwhelming response to this thread I've had to / decided to recreate it in a new thread because I'm simply running out of room to put everything in a list in a single post.

Just like with the original thread the purpose of this isn't to complain about bugs, but to simply compile a list of them, both so players can easily see it is a known bug and to hopefully be of some assistance to the devs as they try to sort through all of the bug report data since the LOR launch.

I'd Really like to thank everyone for all of your help in creating this list by posting bugs you've come across, alerting us to work-a-rounds when they exist, and confirming when a specific bug is eliminated.


Core Systems:

Scam website auto-banning feature not working as intended

Stuck on loading screen when transitioning maps.

Launcher crash when starting patch.

Map Transfer errors: Intermittent disconnects trying to transfer maps. NOT "Server not responding" but unable to transfer maps.

Romulan Characters and allies: Romulan characters are often referred to being in allied Faction and not Romulan Republic.

Message appears while trying to 'take/take all': Inventory Full. Both inventory and Boff non-commissioned lists are empty

When opening status window Bridge officers will occasionally appear as ships, the status window will appear as an empty ship status with an "Invalididentityname". After a few seconds it will correct itself.

From stargazerjmb : 2 of my characters are unable to beam to ship or leave the First City or visit the bridge as these options are ALWAYS ghosted. After repeated GM requests I have been told basically to just report it as a bug and put up with it (which I have for 2years). This is on characters that I have paid extra to have. <--- Not a LOR bug, but because of the seriousness of it I'm adding it.

Skill system:

When retraining points, "an error occurred while retraining skills".

Warrior trait does not show update to CritD in character paper doll after selecting.
Exchange System:

Exchange some items aren't showing up for search, sometimes they are. Like Tal Shiar command codes. Some items that are usable by character are being marked as not usable and are therefore being mistakenly removed from exchange list when using "only show usable items" option in exchange.

Boff System:

Department heads are bugged, it won't allow you to select them until you re-select one that is already slotted, and then any selections made aren't retained after the first map change.

Department heads reset on login.

Sometimes on the menu for ship stations (Lt com sci, Lt com tac etc etc), only one boff is listed, the other tabs are blank.

Buying a Reman/Romulan bridge officer on non Romulan characters will often result in it being stuck in the overflow bag and there is no way to get them out.

Double Boff slots bug is back.

Allied Boff trainers cannot train allied boffs.

jem'hadar boff (facility 4028 reward) can't train rom boffs nor kdf aligned.

Bridge officers of all factions now mostly replaced by generics on the Bridge.

Romulan/Reman boffs with Subterfuge, Subterfuge +20% damage bonus is broken and does not apply.

Doff System:

Not receiving computer fragments from Defense Contract daily in Eta Eridani. Francis Drake is not offering the mission Salvage Dispute even if you already have the required 10 computer core fragments.

"Research Advanced Warp Core" Engineering Doff mission requires 4 doffs w/ the final 2 being Sci. However, Success is granted by Matter-Antimatter Specs (which are Eng doffs and can't be selected).

New Romulus Junior Officer Cadre. Bound to character when STF and KDF packs aren't. This mean you can't put them on the exchange or even in your account bank.

Fleet base System:

The "history of the enterprise" starbase special project reward is glitched. The text in the pictures of the various Enterprises is doubled, making it nearly unreadable.

Tailor System / Ship Tailor:

cross faction parts appearing on exchange purchased Boffs

Color changing on one part is changing another part.

Missing costume pieces.

Can not load saved outfits nor save a characters settings.

Liberated Borg character can not access the Romulan helmet mission reward in the tailor.

KDF Marauding faction boff customize bug (can't change body type, face, skin color, height, stance on human/ferengi/andorian boff's, etc)

Unable to create Off-Duty uniforms. I am able to modify an already existing Off-Duty uniform with an existing character, but the drop-down box to change from 'Uniform' to any other option is grayed out and cannot be selected when creating a new outfit unless you select an already existing Off-Duty outfit before hitting 'create'. This is obviously not possible for any new characters you create, as they don't have an Off-Duty outfit.

There are many items with extra color-selecting squares that have no apparent affect and/or pallets with too few colors.

Infected ears not available to Liberated Romulans.

The cross-faction eye-patch from the Klingon Academy costume pack is not available to Romulans.

Romulans can't wear Romulan Embassy or Fleet Odyssey clothes (though they can buy them)

Unable to properly change the color of the 22th Romulan pants

When equipping Satra with the 22th century scarf/shirt/belt .. the scarf color can be changed, and is displayed on the backside, and under the belt, but not in the front-top.

Can't change the registry numbers on Federation starships Captained by a Romulan/Reman.

When you get a new ship at new romulus command and select rename immediately, the game pops a warning saying you do not own a ship of that name. You have to hit okay without renaming, and then go back in from the proper npc to do so.

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# 2
06-03-2013, 11:13 AM

Successfully managed to claim Fleet Tribble on a Reman, but, according to the game, do not meet the requirements for this item, when I try to actually equip it. However, I can equip and use any other Tribble fine, including my Radan Tribble, my Fluidic Space Tribble and my Tribble of Borg.

Warp core descriptions on dilithium store are incorrect.

All Federation type 1 windows require ownership of C-store Cruiser Refit (Exeter)

Senate robes not available to Remans but still purchasable.

Odyssey/Bortas uniforms not available to RRF players but still purchasable.

Graphics and Sound:

Although not injured on the captain or the ship, many of my character avatars now have large black scars on their faces and heads. I cannot see a costume option or any other option to remove this.

Cross-factional Boffs beam in/out w/ the color and effect of those factions, not that of your own crew/faction. It's very annoying my Reman Sci from the FE and Rom Tac from the Embassy beam w/ green Rommie effect and my Orion from earning T4 Ambassador in Doff system beams w/ KDF red

Orbital Strike impact circle missing for federation.

Valdore wings glow bright white when viewed from a certain distance (possibly only type 1 material).

Dhael warbird hull piece tilted, results in bugged movement and warp-out animation.

TOS Romulan robes clip through body in numerous ways.

Need/greed window description often blacked out.

Aquarius launched from Odyssey is now huge.

No sound on shipboard engineering.

Sometimes Tovan's lines are not spoken.

Sometimes Tovan's lines are heard for Federation or Klingon characters!

Audio "Popping" sound.

No Romulan beam up sound on login.

Mogai/Valdore has odd torpedo hard-points.

DX11 Performance dropped compared to using DX9 with a High-end card, I've tried a varied range of driver versions and other things and the problem still persists. Since LoR.

"Unsupported video card" error on 6900 series AMD video cards

Sometimes on the menu for ship stations (Lt com sci, Lt com tac etc etc), only one boff is listed, the other tabs are blank, you click on a blank tab and the whole table graphic distorts and stretches. It then rights itself with all the Boffs in the right places.

Mogai/valdore clips through Asynchronous Warp Field

General Gameplay:

Occasionally a Boff that is not apart of your crew will show in the dialog boxes when preparing to warp out of a system and several other instances. Seem to be completely random Boffs so can't give exact ones.

Selecting players by clicking their icon in the team area no longer works.

Players (apparently just Romulans) are able to kill other players near DS9 sector space with Plasma Torps.

Numerous Embassy NPCs missing.

Orion slavers no longer generating loot.

An issue with the tracking. The camera automatically deselects my target and centers and follows my pets/torpedoes instead of the target I am attacking.

Grammar for NPC's on Drozana Station. Not sure who it is talking but it's not 'There' it's 'Their' when referring in the third person.

Romulan available skill icons do not match those in the available skill list, e.g. Tac Team

Mission tracker often goes crazy flashing on and off

Player ship pushed wildly downwards if another player warps in above, can drop vertically down a long way

Captain's Table confirmed to be accessible by Romulans, not limited to LTS/Vet.

Viewing Players Profiles no longer works as intended, instead most of the info if blank.

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# 3
06-03-2013, 11:13 AM

New Romulus Command, beaming to: When you reach level 50 it intermittently stops allowing you to beam directly to command.

Sector maps - certain ones don't allow you to zoom out, forcing excessive manual panning.

B'tran is missing from the tuffli transwarp options.

Transwarp to New Romulus does not work for kdf/fed players with Romulan Reputation T5. Temporarily slotting a Romulan reputation project does not fix this.

Well traveled trait is nowhere to be found on the stats screens or accolade lists. It does reduce Transwarp Cooldown, so it is a display error.

When zoning to some maps, the ship is facing the wrong direction.
From Iota Pavonis to Alpha Centauri, the ship is facing towards the map-edge.

Quantum slipstream ending early when warping between sector blocks.

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# 4
06-03-2013, 11:14 AM
PVE / PVP / STF / Fleet:

The space/ground filter for PVE queues is not working. If i select space and not ground, both still show up in the listing.

Romulan Federation players cannot invite Klingons to private fleet actions, no message is given.

Private PVE,PVP,STF, Fleet queues intermittently overwrite the public queues.

Numerous events not rewarding Nukara marks.

Romulan drapery shows through whilst wearing environmental hazard suit. If wearing this suit on Nukara the player will die unless he switches on visibility for armor.

Borg ships new found fondness of EptEngines

Hive onslaught: lances killing players at spawn point, passing through the queens octahedron and themselves, spammage of regen, tractor, probes, and plasma bolts, the last doesn't happen often, but when it does it becomes no win. and by spammage i don't mean 3, 6, or 10...the entire so called 'safe' zone has a fleet. 4 each regen, 4 each tractor, 4 each probes, and constant plasma bolts one after another. this was on normal. Lances also firing too often.

Also there is an issue that you can't select a nanite generator on KASE, instead it selects the gate despite the amount of times I click on it. Having to manually tab through to select it.

Infected Space: Nanite Spheres constantly get caught in the gateway. Stuck in it. This is due to the EptE change, but they need to change the pathing of these mobs so they aren't trying to fly between the rings of the gateway. They don't fit.

Obisek is heard speaking in the final part of The Vault Ensnared.

Khitomer Accord Ground Elite run with a toon who'd never done it before. I jumped in the Isolinear Molecular Reconverter and died, but I did not receive the Assimilated accolade.

In the Deferi Invasion Zone mission Higher Ground, each turret deployment location is now only usable once. If you try to re-use one, it just disappears and no turret appears.

Can't enter Ker'rat as RomFed.

Market Building 4 in Mine Trap is still bugged; Building materials are consumed but building does not update repair status; can not repair.


Saving the Sh'mar ... after the mission is finished, your bridge officer pops up to tell u that it is done, the text button displays contUIne instead of continue.

Liberated Reman or other tactical officers regularly take the place of Tovan Khev in scripted scenes.

Player can be stuck during mission "Neutral No More" by claiming the Dhelan before this objective is given.

Walls can be jumped over in "Memory Lane", trapping the player.

Galor in "Bigger Picture" is often unkillable, requires restarting client.

Turret stuck in wall in "The Vault".

Crystalline entity generally unbeatable on elite.

Stuck on tutorial by picking up pistol before talking to Tovan.

"Cloak and Dagger" must be completed again after warping out.

In the bar in "The Undying", invincible arena fighters can glitch through the energy shield and attack the player. If the player dies here before talking to Hassan, they will respawn inside the arena with no means of leaving.

The Lobi Crystal in the Cold Storage mission is covered by a Mountain and is unattainable. So, the accolade cannot be rewarded.

Sometimes completing Tour of the Galaxy will generate a "Inventory Full" message, even if you have slots open. (You'll get the error every time you change maps.) The temporary solution is to manually drop the mission.

Second Wave, cut scene for Dominion fleet arrives just as you are about to question delegates and then again at the correct point.

Mine Enemy had several double duplicate dialogs during the mission, also Admiral T'nae throughout the series for Romulans has severe issues with the voice over, she sounds like someone used Microsoft Natural Speaking, the robotic voice aside the volume is not consistent for her or Obisek.

On seeds of dissent, when i hail the cardassian ship, he refers to my character as a klingon, even though I'm allied with the federation, and a romulan.

Once in awhile the Orion Contraband mission on Nimbus III will not give you the item for the quest when you click on the glowing item and you can't click on it again once you've clicked on it the first time. This results in an unavoidable failure of the mission and when you go to restart the mission it goes on a 20 hour cool down so you miss out on Dilithium.

Diplomatic Investigation missions no longer appear in the available missions list. <edit> You can still get them, but you have to talk to Jiro Sugihara through the Info tab.

Mission: Asset Recovery- occasionally the damaged borg drones turn invisible after taking damage.

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# 5
06-03-2013, 11:15 AM

Photonic Capacitor not working properly.

Some space powers not performing when activated, or operating at drastically reduced efficiency (e.g. Aux2SIF, Aux2Damp).

Multi vector mode no longer grants impulse bonus.

torp spread, and transphasic cluster both are calcing crits as if a single entity not individually (sometimes, server being lazy?). noticed it on transphasics first...then torp spreads, heat of a fight never really payed much attention...that's what the killer is from enemies who throw out spreads, one crits, they all crit. works both ways. tonight in an stf was watching when several torp spreads all crit on everything they hit...the odds of every torp in a spread critting is pretty high.

Personal armour mods broken.

Stats on some space gear keep fluctuating (not showing the right stats)

The new romulan EC-store ground weapons can bug out the sound if used by all of your crew.

Photonic displacement console (universal console that came with one of the science ships purchased from the c store) no longer works.

Adapted Destroyer Shrapnel Torpedo is almost invisible and appears to have little effect.

Sensor Scan has drastically reduced range.

Mogai has different hull stats on different chars while all skills are equal.. also it has much more hull than it should be.

leech and maco shield have problems working together. The Maco/Adapted KHG shield proc (Power Conduit Link) will overwrite the plasmonic leech buff.

Paratrinic Shield Array at Sub-admiral rank shows as X! instead of XI in the tooltip. This is a reward from the tradecraft mission.

Ground combat pets vanishing before time. After red alert passes, but with time still available, ground pets (all three types of combat Hortas, including c-store) vanish early. This /severely/ diminishes their value and utility to almost nothing, especially in situations such as the Starbase Incursion where you have a short break in the third stage between defeating out-of-forcefield guards and the captain. That short of a break can be enough to do it. This has happened consistently across several missions, confirmed across four characters. Normal behavior was that they remained for 60 seconds, regardless of red alert status

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# 6
06-03-2013, 11:24 AM
Originally Posted by voicesdark View Post
Liberated Borg character cannot access the Romulan helmet mission reward in the tailor.
Romulan Helmet Mission Reward - you mean the "Battered Centurion Helmet" from Memory Lane?

You know, that's a Captain's Cabin item, not an Outfit Item.

Additionally, new characters do not appear to be recieving LTS/Veteran rewards.
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# 7
06-03-2013, 01:19 PM
Originally Posted by johngazman View Post
Romulan Helmet Mission Reward - you mean the "Battered Centurion Helmet" from Memory Lane?

You know, that's a Captain's Cabin item, not an Outfit Item.

Additionally, new characters do not appear to be recieving LTS/Veteran rewards.
I'm not sure which helmet they were referring to. As far as I know the only Rom helmet you can actually wear is the one from the 23rd century costume so I'll have to try and find out.

I'll add your lts/vet reward bug once the forums get a little more stable.
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# 8
06-03-2013, 01:28 PM
Nice to see you're expanding. Sad to say, but you should have reserved a post or two after what you've already filled, to have more room for later.

When XP earnings during a Double-XP Weekend still feel like I'm underperforming,
there's something terribly wrong with the reward system...

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# 9
06-03-2013, 01:36 PM
2 more bugs for you:

-Mogai/valdore clips through Asynchronous Warp Field
-Romulan/Reman boffs with Subterfuge, Subterfuge +20% damage bonus is broken and does not apply.

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# 10
06-03-2013, 01:37 PM
Crystalline Entity Event - Tholian and Shard adds intermittently gaining extremely high hull resistance (only taking 1 damage per shot). Hypothesis: Is this the buff that the CE was supposed to have during the absorption phase?

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