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I go to Romulus, Earth Space Dock, qo'nos... you name it, I've been there and it's crashed on me (awesome T-Shirt idea!). Seems to be any station and it's killing me.

I get on for a second to three and then here's what I get:

Fatal Error: Direct3D driver returned error code (E_OUTOFMEMORY) while creating a texture.

Technical Details: E_OUTOFMEMORY while creating 2D texture size 1024 x 1024 (11 mips, RTEX_DXT5), 757.15 MB RAM, 79.63 MB virtual space available.

I guess I'm asking two things.

'Is it me? Something I've done and Dan Stahl hates me?' or 'Is it STO with bugmania since the LoR update?'

Guys, Please help!


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