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04-16-2014, 02:26 PM
If you have limited playing time and believe your family and work

comes first, we may be the right Fleet for you !!

So here's what we are looking for:
Casual playing men and women who want more than just a regular fleet
but don't want the stress.
Players who don't get easily offended by humor that some regard as
People that play the game for no better reason to relax and chill
Players with that right kind of mentality, people who don't give a
**** what other people think.

What we don't want:
No one under 18yrs
No egomanias or egotistical schmucks
No Divas, Prima Donnas or players who rage, whine and cry about the
game,NPC and ships being "OP"
Anyone who can recite more than two lines from a lady gaga song.

What we offer:
zero demands, including your personal time
Easy going, stress and drama free environment
A one month supply of Spam luncheon meat.
The confidence of knowing there has to be someone out there worse
than you at PvP.
Those pictures we took of your Mom about ten years ago.
A babysitter free environment
Veteran players, some who have been playing since the game started
that can give advice and friendly tips / pointers.

What exactly does zero demands mean?
exactly that, zero.
you don't have to have premium account
you do not have to be online "x" amount of hours every day or week
you do not have to own high level ships.
and you do not have to give us the names of seven
relatives or the social security number of your really hot sister.
And above all else, you never really have to get good at star trek.
(although we would prefer that you did)

If you want in or got questions please contact me at Dirty.r.bastard@gmail.com
or contact me in game @david1315

We have teamspeak but we will not give that info out publicly sorry.

Website: www.Dirtyrottenbastards.org


Leader of DRB Gaming and Klingon Defense

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