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Apparently a ships bridge instance has a limit of only 20 players.

As has been discovered by those desiring to have a cross faction social event 20 is way to few people.

Those that like to attend the subspace radio DJ Grom show have to suffer through having thier fun griefed by the fleets "Shutup Wesley" and "Starfleet Dental" lwaving we who want to attend having to either give up, or find some where they can be locked out. (and repeated harrasment reports don't seem to recieve a lot of attention as a FYI). Those wanting to do large scale Role Play have to suffer being griefed by the same people

But we find its entirely possible to have 40 or more players attending. Fleet starbases I think would work, but they're faction dependent.. cant invite players from the other faction..


Dear Dev's

Please raise the population cap of ship bridges, and allow cross faction invites to fleet starbases. If you won't get in there and enforce the social rules with extreem prejudice, then at least give us a way to avoid them and still have the social population levels we like.

Thank you.
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06-04-2013, 06:38 PM
Although I have never personally roleplayed with a group of this size, I support you. It's a private roleplay, by invite only. Shunting people to other zones is counterproductive to the roleplaying experience that STO advertised a while back in the News section.

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06-04-2013, 08:41 PM
I support this idea too, even though I hate crowds I don't see the point of putting a limit on what is essentially a private instance with negligible activity. It would be nice if a Dev could tell us whether this is viable or there is a technical reason why it has to be limited.
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06-04-2013, 09:31 PM
Two things:

1. Naming and shaming of individuals and fleets is against forum rules. I don't know how many times this needs to be repeated, how many times threads need to be closed, and how many times GMs have to warn people not to do it again.

2. Might I ask what, exactly, the "griefing" entails? It's a radio party, and the Dentals I saw were doing three things: Dancing (like everyone else), using party poppers (in a party), and shooting balloons (also in a party). If I am dancing with others, and suddenly, Toon A, whom I don't like, appears and dances near me, is that "griefing"?

Just looking for some clarification. Thanks.

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06-04-2013, 09:53 PM
Originally Posted by oldkhemaraa View Post
Those that like to attend the subspace radio DJ Grom show have to suffer through having thier fun griefed by the BEST ROLEPLAYING FLEETS ON THE SERVER waving we who want to attend having to either give up, or find some where they can be locked out. (and repeated harrasment reports don't seem to recieve a lot of attention as a FYI). Those wanting to do large scale Role Play have to suffer being griefed by the same people
The harassment reports that I file get actioned. I am tired of being harassed by fake roleplayers. What you are really trying to do is control who listens to SSR, who attends the parties and has fun. There's always a hateful minority who want to complain about the BEST ROLEPLAYING FLEETS ON THE SERVER. Stop the hate speech and embrace fun in internet spaceship games.

We enjoy our large scale roleplay yet you claim to defend our rights while trying to take them away. You are a very confused person.

You should apologise to the BEST ROLEPLAYING FLEETS ON THE SERVER for your inappropriate and hateful behaviour.

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06-05-2013, 01:02 AM
I agree that certain instances don't allow for much in the way of population, such as ship interiors and fleet base interiors, and should be upped to allow groups to better interact together in a more friendly environment.

And while I don't believe the last few posts are all that helpful to this topic, that doesn't mean their feedback should necessarily be ignored either! Perhaps their groups could also benefit from having their own personal high-population instances where they can party together as the like-minded individuals they are, so that they won't have to be involved with the general population that may take offense to their ideals.

So whether for RP, partying, or various shenanigans, upping ship/fleet interior instance populations would be gratifying.
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06-05-2013, 10:25 AM
look kids.. its not the best RP fleet on the server.. far from it.. what they do is interfear with OTHER player enjoyment of a social activity.. the SW, and SFD players show up just to disrupt play.. they make a point of doing everything possible to interfear with other players fun. the SW and SFD players are NOT roleplaying.. (traslation: I don't see them role playing, I see them faking it..perhapes if they sceduled some public role play events in public venues I might belive they are..but so far, as near as I can tell, they're fakes) They're disruptive and show an entire lack of respect for other players..

The SSR crowd are having regular in game social events that are being targetted by members of these two fleets specificly for harrasment. It's started over a year ago and hasn't stopped since.. Attendies regularly ask them to cease and disist, usually politly..(I've personally gotten less and less polite about it.)

Apparently they get thier jollies by doing this. If they role play publicly, I've not seen it. The DJ Grom show is put together to resemble the classic Vegas style entertainment. Unfortunatly, we don't have a "Bouncer" to eject patrons that are disruptive, and paw the dancers.. It is a form of Role Play that is set up to be inclusive of Non Role Players., its never been done to upset other players of STO.. We who take part in it enjoy it. Listen to the music, dance, interact, and play our characters personalities. Its light, frivolous, and a step away from the typical drama heavy RP that takes part in MMO's. It might even be silly.

well, Vive 'la diffeance!

We who participate don't go interrupting thier RP, so why do we have to tolerate them interruping in ours?

All we want is a way of avoiding them entirely. If they won't be inclusive, and respectfull of those of us doing this, then we should have a way open to not be forced to endure thier disruptive behavior. What they do is NOT what we want to do. And posting on the forums about it is definatly NOT what I want to do.

Khemaraa sends.
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06-05-2013, 10:46 AM
Nebriki, and Devian666;

Devian666..if your going to quote me, then don't insert your own garbage in the quote... And if you please to any forum moderator checking this thread, Eye ball his quote of my first post please.. very unacceptable.

Moving your avatar onto the space another character is occupying them qualifies as harrasment in the MMO.. if such were to happen in the real world, ie: getting into someone personal space you and your buddies would be picking them selves off the ground, and/or be subject to arrest under the laws of most nations, states, and towns/cities for harrasment, and inappropriate public behavior. If your members of your fleets were to do this at a Vegas night show, or at a concert, you would at the very least be ejected by security if not arrested outright and spend your night cooling your heels in a jail cell.. Thats the real world.. In this virtual world you can get away with activity that absolutly would not be tolerated outside of this game. Just because you can do it, doesn't make it ok, or in any way acceptable..

Feel free to go do the same sort of stunts in the real world..I'd love to hear about your experience.

During the DJ grom show various an assort female characters dance on the bar at Drozana beside DJ Grom... Have you ever seen a Vegas show live? Do the clubs and venues let patrons climb up on stage? None of you are stupid. You know your engaging in harrassing behavior. You know that your going out of your way to break the participants Role Play. It is disrepectfull, and it is harrasment in game, and it is a far more grave violation of the EULA agreement then specificly naming your fleets in a post on the forums.. I love how your the first to quote the rules as a way of silencing complaints about this. And its far from the first time. Your fleets are not participating in Role play. Your just being jerks.

If your fleet members didn't do this activity, this post wouldn't exist, nor would this thread.

SO if you feel your being singled out, a change of behavior might just be in order.

Khemaraa sends.
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Let the happy old bug stomping commence, along with refinement toward enhancing each factions play experience!

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06-05-2013, 01:33 PM
Originally Posted by oldkhemaraa View Post
I don't know what I'm talking about and have not apologised.
Look I removed the ToS violation from your post to make the moderators job easier. You have not apologised for your inappropriate behaviour and you are continuing to harass my fleets. While you feel self-righteous this does not change the fact that you are in the wrong.

Section 31 has eyes everywhere and no posting by fake RPers will escape my attention.

Funnily enough we are still here.

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06-11-2013, 09:45 AM
Honey clild the day I decide i want to go after your fleet and make things miserable for the lot of you, you'll have absolutly no doubts I'm doing it. It'll be strait up and in your face.

Defending myself, and those who I am known to hang with in STO from you and your cronies garbage is not harrassing you.. at worst I'm acting to inconvenience you and limit the disruption you cause other players besides my self in our enjoyment of the game.

You and your crew started this garbage for reasons all your own. No one made you do it. Well, guess what.. you don't have the right.. You can say you do, but those who go to enjoy SSR's in game events disagree.. and... we outnumber you. There for, you do NOT have the right. SSR's staff and GRN media that owns and operates SSR is unlike to say anything in these forums about it because they are a business entity that are a a fan based inititive and involved in a great deal of gratis promotion of Startrek Online. They could go after you, and if they did.. you would really notice it in a hurry. They have the ability to get access to devs, community managers, and games master for cryptic and PWI at a level that would astound you. They don't go after you because its not thier job.

I've asked you and your fleet members in the past to "please" cease and desist and I'm far from alone in that. Being nice apparently didn't get noticed or respected. Ok, no problem. I have no issues with turning over the rocks your hiding under and taking it right to the next level, or even beyond.

No semantics, no rules lawyering. Leave me, and the other SSR activity participants alone.
If you want to came dance and participate in the SSR in game activities then come do so. Just don't expect to come off of ignore lists real quickly. I'm not the only one thats been angered by this, I just tend to not have any qualms about speaking about it and pointing a finger where deserved and appropriate. Might have something to do with my bieng of the age to now be "establishment" as apposed to "Youth"

I'm unlikely to post any more about it because I'm flat out of patience and tolerance. You guys either cease and desist in your harrassment, or I'm make the extra effort to document your fleet members activities with players causing and players effected. Names dates times, and multipule screen shots. Wrap it all up in a nice presentation and deliver unto PWI... If I do that it will effect yourself, and your fleet mates, including any of them who do not take part in this idiocy. Assduming there are some, of which it is entirely possible.

For the record.. this has nothing to do per se with Subspace-radio.net. As stated above they are frankly rather loath to involve them selves as an organiztion directly. I'm not a rep of SSR, one of thier DJ's, or an employee of GRN media. And that leaves me free to do what they choose not to, and that is go after you guys if you will not cease your purpously disruptive activities and act in a socially acceptable manner. It doesn't take much on your part. But you as a group have been doing this for well over 6 months if not longer and times up. You want to be respected? Then show respect. Its really just that simple.

The Last Final Bit.

I've player STO since launch because I'm a Trek fan. I'm pleased there the ability to have social activity in the game. I want everyone to be able to enjoy it. But there's a limit to what any player should have to tolerate in a social setting.
You and your group have gone well beyond anything considered "Role Play". Your calling it "role Play" is a smoke screen that "I" am not going to permit you. If it were "Role Play" ..and several have tried to get you to actually role play.. (( Rrakktor, the "Official DJ Grom show "Bouncer" has attempted with your crew to perform his RP job and you choose not to respect that either.. (ie, you didn't let the official bouncer show you the door) )

So, your role play is not "Consentual" in that your coming into an established group and imposing your version against the will of the greater population. And that is where it crosses the line into harrassment. I've done live role play with he Society for Creative Anacronisim.. gone to 8 Pennsic wars (think of 7-10,000 people live role playing and nearly always in character and costume for 10 days solid...I AM an expert on what is and is not Role Play). Unfortunatly, unlike SCA role play, if you cross the line into non-consentual or harrassing behavior we cannot just show you the door. As players effected, the onus is on us to provide a Cryptic community Manager or Game Master evidence of the activity in depth before they'll act strongly. Note statements above.. I'll start collecting that evidence if the numerous complaints recieved by GM's is insufficient.

SO, you want to role play, fine. No Problem. Come role play. Come role play in STO where you can take the position of a Member of Starfleet, the Klingon Defence Force and thier allied races, or the Romulan Republic. Play the part of a ships captain. Play the part of a ships captain or crew catching a little shore leave at Drozana, or DS-9 and letting the old hair down a little.

Standard unwritten rules/tribal knowlege of RP apply..
Do not impose your avatar over another persons avatar to "Block" them.
Do not abuse game items, abilities, and mechanics in such a way as to disrupt players suspension of disbelife. (its really really rude.. save the party poppers for official STO events. They're inappropriate to most role play.. not allway applicable.You have brains, use em for more then keeping your ears from imploding, so figure it out.)
Don't god mod ..were all starships captains in game. Carry yourself with a least a little gravitis and dignity... Leave your 20th century bigotry and prejudice out of the game. To quote one of my all time favorite SciFi authors.. "Alien is Alien" Orions in skimpy clothes is not an invitation to hot steamy sex.. if anything its an invitation to join a slave coffel with an explosive collar around your neck.. Orion women are the SLAVER OWNERS, not the slaves.
Pay attention to the trek lore...and be aware thats there is an opportunity to CREATE trek lore in STO.

Ok, I'm done. I've things to do today.

If I didn't care, I wouldn't post. You guys like to troll, good for you.. Troll me and you WILL get a lecture in case you hadn't noticed. I take my gaming VERY seriously. I like my entertainment interactive, and thats why I MMO...

Cordially for now.
Release 8.5 "STO The Next Generation"

Let the happy old bug stomping commence, along with refinement toward enhancing each factions play experience!

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