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So I have this galaxy I've been working on trying to squeeze every last bit of DPS out of. Yeah I know they Galaxy isn't suited for it, but thats another discussion. Right now I'm doing about 5600 sustained DPS but I want to shoot for 7k.

Current Loadout:
Wide angle Quantum
Fleet Advanced Phaser [DMG]x3 [Acc]
Fleet Advanced Phaser [DMG]x3 [Acc]
Fleet Advanced Phaser [DMG]x3 [Acc]

Borg Cutting Beam
Fleet Advanced Phaser [DMG]x3 [Acc]
Fleet Advanced Phaser [DMG]x3 [Acc]
Fleet Advanced Phaser [DMG]x3 [Acc]

Yeah I know the advanced fleet weapons suck and I wasted my dilithum on them. I'm trying to figure out a replacement. Also, I want to stick with phasers because....well thats what federation ships use.

So I'm thinking I have a few options. I have this thing setup to grab agro in PvE and tank all day long. With that In mind, I'm thinking of the elite fleet weapons for the shield heal if I can find a fleet willing to let me buy them. There are also the spiral wave disruptors, yeah they aren't phasers, but they look like them and have the disruptor proc.

the way I figure it I have these options.

1. Elite fleet weapons - Shield heal
2. Spiral Wave disruptors - Disruptor Proc
3. Set from the exchange - Phasers with [CrtH]x3 or a combination of [crtH] and [crtd] and getting a couple Mk12 purple phaser consoles.

I have about 100mil EC in the bank right now so I can afford to go with any of those options, but the Spiral Wave option just seams wasteful. I have a galor on another character, but I won't use it on this captain.

Oddly enough option 3 might be my best bet. Anyone have any ideas or opinions on the matter?
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06-09-2013, 02:28 PM
Beam Energy Types and Function:

Phaser, Polaron: Subsystem Manipulation

Tetryon: Shield Drain

Plasma: Shield Bypass Damage

Antiproton, Disruptor: Pure Damage

If you want pure damage, based on what you have, I would go with spiral waves, since you have slightly boosted crit hit and crit damage from the double accuracy mod, and you also have boosted base damage from the double damage mod and disruptor proc.

However, if you wanted pure damage, I would go with a disruptor that has acc, crth, and crtd. But since you have access to spiral waves, I would go with that.
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06-10-2013, 04:39 AM
I suggest full Romulan plasma/disruptor from reputation with embassy consoles and Romulan set. Best raw damage in PvE.
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Besides the canon argument for phasers I would tell you to stick with phasers bc it boosts point defense console which can bring a world of hurt on multiple targets or a ton on a single target. For PVE I would suggest the phasers from the exchange CritDx2 CritH or CrtD x3 if you equip CritH consoles and Romulan bridge officers such as borg, Tachyokinetic and Romulan consoles.

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