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The road to 2409...

In the wake of the Dominion War, alliances slowly crumbled, the peace that was so valiantly fought for dissolved. In 2387, the Hobus star became a Super-Nova, unleashing devastation of the like unseen by sentient eyes for millennia. In the path of that fiery devastation was the planet Romulus, the capital of the Romulan Star Empire, one of three great super powers in the Alpha Quadrant.

Through the stalwart bravery of one Federation Ambassador, the galaxy was saved? but Romulus was destroyed. In the wake of this breath taking disaster, the United Federation of Planets mobilized in the largest humanitarian aid and relief operation in known history. An opportunity for a lasting peace through charity was at hand.

However, political maneuvering in the Klingon Empire set forward a series of events which would spiral the entire Quadrant into war. Slaying Chancellor Martok in ritual combat, the new Chancellor J'mpok rallied the Klingon people to war against the Gorn and their allies, beginning a chain of events that would alter the landscape of the Quadrant forever. Withdrawing from the Khitomer Accords peace treaty with the Federation, J'mpok warned the Federation out of the Archanis sector. War was on the horizon.

To safeguard Federation interests in the region, Starfleet commissioned Starbase 381- Praetorian, home to the 26th Fleet.

The 26ths mission is to engage in tactical and military operations in the Eta Eridani Sector Block, provide security for Federation and Starfleet assets and carry on the diplomatic and scientific missions that have been the mainstay of Starfleet since its inception.

Appointed command of the 26th, was Vice Admiral Kalus Rez, who had previously served as commander of the 3rd Fleet. His experience on the front lines as Captain of the USS Wyvern during the Dominion War had forged him into a strong, capable leader, and set him apart from his post war peers. His reputation for his willingness and capability to take on difficult--sometimes impossible?assignments made him the logical choice.

Situated on the edge of the nefarious Sea of Sorrows, an area rife with naturally occurring gravitic anomalies, Praetorian stands a beacon of hope and safety to the Federation colonies within the station theater of operations. Praetorian's task force stands guard against KDF incursions, and hunts for the pirates and raiders which have made the sea their home, and the colonies their prey.

Appointed to command of the 26th was its initial leader, Vice Admiral Kalus Rez, who had previously served as commander of the 3rd Fleet. His experience on the front lines as Captain of the USS Wyvern during the Dominion War had forged him into a strong, capable leader, and set him apart from his post war peers. His reputation for his willingness and capability to take on difficult--sometimes impossible assignments made him the logical choice.

Following Rez' tenure was Admiral Jennifer Hunter, an experienced commanding officer who specialized in engineering projects of massive scale. Previous experience in Transwarp Gate engineering and anti-Undine technologies made her a natural choice to lead the 26th Fleet's development of Starbase 381. Otherwise known as Praetorian Station, the starbase has evolved into a significant headquarters for the 26th and Starfleet along the front lines of the conflict against the Klingon Empire. Hunter recently resigned her commission to protest a contentious special operation within the new Romulan Republic.

The current leader of the 26th Fleet is Rear Admiral Corris Sprint. A former MACO operative and battle hardened Starfleet Captain, Sprint has long served as the commanding officer of Praetorian station. Where Admiral Hunter was considered to be something of a dove when it came to the ongoing conflicts engaging Starfleet, Admiral Sprint is known to have a much more hawkish attitude, and it remains to be seen how this will impact the 26th Fleet's operations.


*** 26th Fleet Story Policy ***
Overview - The 26th Fleet prides itself on offering an immersive, Starfleet experience in the world of Star Trek Online. Our common goal is to tell compelling, character-driven stories in these challenging times for the Federation and Starfleet. When we recruit new members to the Fleet, our goal is to ensure a good fit. It is important that your character, your ship and your understanding of what in-character lines should or should not be crossed is established.

What this policy is not - This policy is not about telling you how to RP. There are many styles, and many ways to actually RP. Do you prefer simulation more than story telling? Do you roll with just about any situation that pops up in RP, or do you like to /emote RollDice to determine how your character will react in a situation? Play your way, but also be considerate of the goals and time investment your fellow fleet-mates are making too.

What this policy is - This policy is about identifying problematic RP situations, and asking you to plan around them at the beginning of your recruitment process. Since the 26th Fleet formed, there have been countless instances of amazing, Trek-appropriate RP in our fleet. Some of it has been heroic, some of it villainous. Some RP has made us laugh, while sometimes we've cried... for good reasons. Some situations make us cry for bad reasons. These situations, often laden with 'drama' need to be prevented, and we ask for your help in doing this.

***Character Design Goals***

1) Starfleet Compatible Backstory - Your character should be someone we'd expect to find leading a crew, or being on a crew. We're not asking for saints, here! If you're character is a wanted criminal, a member of a hostile faction or in a situation too unique to be a member of Starfleet, we really need to stop and think about this.

1a) No Black Ops. Spec Forces, etc. Maybe some covert action is on your file, but the 26th Fleet is a Regular fleet. We get involved in all kinds of actions, so there will be a chance to put on the 'TNG Black Sweater' and do something in a sneaky way, but we simply can't support running an outsourced Section 31 program and keep true to our Fleet's theme.

1b) No superheros. This could include recovered Borg characters who can control every computer they come across, the genetic augment of the week, the super-spy, and a frequent favorite - the AI. The problem isn't so much with the concept embedded in these characters, but in the idea that you're asking for superman without any kryptonite. Try to avoid this, or be prepared to tell us how the story of your character's development could contribute a lot to the Fleet's RP.

1c) Time Travel is tricky. We do have characters from the past who cannot get home. We have characters from alternate timelines and even the Mirror Universe. It is much harder to envision how a regular division of Starfleet would adhere to the Temporal Prime Directive for someone who came from the future. Navigate these waters carefully, please.

2) Resist being over-powered (OP) - You've seen it before, perhaps even played one. You're the recovered-Borg, Spock-melded, Vice Admiral decedent of Picard from another timeline who rejected the presidency of the UFP because you hate desk work. One could use terms like Mary-Sue, Marty-Sue, X-Sue here, but let's be clear - this isn't about inserting a bit of yourself into your character. This is about not making your character so all-capable and powerful that you'll never ever be challenged. OP characters also take away opportunities from other characters on their team. What is the point of having a team, if you can succeed at everything?

***Starship Design Goals***

1) Review our acceptable starship policy. Please.

2) Modified Acceptable Use Ships - Do not be desperate to run a Galaxy class ship who's IC story is that it has completely Borg-guts, fires Polaron weapons and disruptors. Since the 26th Fleet's IC Story is that it is a regular division of Starfleet, we are a bad place to bring your one-off ship with special requirements. According to our ongoing story, we supply photon and quantum torpedoes, service phaser arrays, warp drives and Starfleet-based small craft. The IC decision to see a snowflake like ship enter service in the 26th Fleet just isn't there.

Caveat - Let's say you started with a vessel that was essentially Starfleet standard equipment and wanted to RP modifications to the ship over time... because this can lead to some cool RP with other players, we might actually be able to support this.

3) Captured ships - As we suggest in the starship policy, we're not in the business of putting captured enemy vessels to work in our fleet. There might be some good story around the capturing and study of such a ship, so try to think of it like that - we could support the limited time running of a non-Starfleet ship to support a story.

4) AI Driven ships - Again, this is non Starfleet standard and will usually be denied. If this is a compelling part of your character's RP vision, do declare this early and work with us to understand how this will work, and how the story will evolve and bring lots of people together to RP.

***Trek Universe Design Goals***

1) Keeping Canon - The 26th Fleet keeps to canon very closely. We know... STO takes some liberties, and some parts of Trek canon seem to contradict others, but in general we do consider canon when approving your character, your ships and plots that occurs in our Fleet's RP.

1a) No JJ-ing our universe! - This is meant a bit tongue in cheek, as many of us love the newer Trek films. The intent here is to let you know that were not going to be re-writing continuity of the STO timeline.

1b) What year is it? - We have a link to a Stardate calculator on our site, and you should use that to keep some kind of sequencing in any IC posts you make to our forums.

2) Keeping Trek - The spirit of Star Trek is said to be one of a journey into being human. We see this explored in many thematic ways, but there are some things we can count on. Good is going to win, but at what cost? The things that motivate our characters should the kinds of things that motivated the characters in our favorite Star Trek TV shows and films. Maybe with less lens flares.

3) No Plot Hammers from Starfleet Command - It happens fairly often, that a player will post some communique from Starfleet Command ordering the 26th's IC leadership to suck it up and accept the transfer of some secret-special ship and a unique AI-telepathic character to the Fleet. It isn't going to work that way. The IC leaders of the fleet are often the OOC leaders as well. We care about the ongoing, smooth running of the fleet, and therefore, we deserve to be consulted about potentially controversial story elements that could affect the entire 'universe' or game-world of our story.


How to join as a Federation officer

The first step in joining the 26th Fleet is to visit our Enjin site at
After that its simple, please read over the rules and regulations under the tab "The Story"
Fill out an Application and wait for one of our fleet recruiters to get into contact with you.

How to Join as a Romulan

New applications to the 26th Fleet will first be required to establish a Starfleet character before they will be permitted to add a Romulan character. Tthe 26th is primarily a Starfleet guild and will continue to be so.

Points of Contact.

Rhys Llywarch@Juroden

I hope to hear from everyone soon, so they can join us on our adventure into the Final frontier.
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# 3 What an exciting time!
06-06-2013, 04:13 AM
There's a lot of great energy and story movement all across STO right now! The Legacy of Romulus expansion, many of us feel, is some of the best work we've seen from Cryptic/PWE. Well done!

On the RP side of things, the 26th Fleet has responded by participating in a Joint Task Force with the Republic. Lots of great opportunities to add a Romulan experience to your RP portfolio!

Hope you're enjoying LoR, and stop by to visit the 26th when you're able. Simply join the channel SB381 and icly hail us for docking permission!

Rear Admiral Jennifer N. Hunter (@highwire)
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# 4
06-06-2013, 12:32 PM
erm all the rules and regs don't seem very roleplay more like a scripted story
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# 5
06-06-2013, 12:52 PM
Actually the rules we set in place are to build an atmosphere. Everything else we do is unscripted. We really arn't into big over arching stories we plot out ahead of time. We like to let them devolop over time.
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# 6
06-06-2013, 01:19 PM
you will actually find those rules and regs and requirements effectively limit your creativity. OK if you like boundaries but most RP'ers I know like to be free with story.

Obviously its your fleet and you can specify what you want but realistically if I was to join a rp guild I wouldn't want such limiting factors.
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# 7
06-06-2013, 01:44 PM
Well the 26th has been running excellently for almost a year and a half now! Hit me up ingame @Juroden and you can come see how we do it sometime.
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# 8
06-07-2013, 05:58 AM
@Cavewark, the rules that you call limiting are a real benefit to the fleet. It stops people from creating over-powered characters and unbelievable situations that just destroys the RP that we all take part in.

I've RP'd across many different games and in many different formats and I've found my time in the 26th to be amongst the best RP I have encountered. In the 26th you don't have to worry about 'what makes my character super special', you get the chance to RP in an environment that places everyone on a level playing field and where characterisation and growing your character through interaction with others is placed in High regard.

I can't wait to see the development of some of the plot lines currently running.
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# 9
06-07-2013, 08:09 AM
If they work for you they work for you, end off...
Yet some of the things that don't work for you, I know for a fact have worked for our fleet especially the much maligned AI which has given us some of our best stories.

However it's where you and your players comfort zone is, if you have a specific arena you wish to play in then it's needed to set boundaries.

At present we are pushing the boundaries as Gene Roddenberry has left us with a static world with nothing being added to it, other than the content of the game. We have been asked is Starfleet all there is....does everyone join Starfleet?.

This has caused us to sit down and think of what is happening away from the limits of the game and the information that is known, to actually come up woth storylines, plots and a whole universe that we know is feasible, logical and above all realistic in this future time of advanced technology.

So I think it comes down to the players what they want, and where they wish their sand pit placed. I have seen a lot of TOS ships, Next Gen, DS9, Voyager and Enterprise based RP's.

Heck even a fair few JJ ones..., however other than the game we don't have anything else to work with, and the world is moving on.

As long as their are different sand pits available I don't see a problem, bottom line RP is about fun...

That heady feeling you got as a kid when you dumped the coal scuttle on your head, picked upa branch and became Darth Vader....

Where worlds of imagination were created daily, then packed away in the box at tea time...

If just a few or our RP'ers feel that..then I feel our work is done.

SSO Fleet Understands that this is a game, that it's sole purpose is to escape from the harsh realities of life. Thats why we promise, we offer fun, frolics without the mandatory rules and structure. Come escape with us, we dare you.....
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# 10
06-07-2013, 09:10 AM
Having been a member of this Fleet for several months now, I can say that it's one of the most coherent RP groups I've had the luck to play with on an MMO.

In response to some concerns about what i shall call 'the boundaries of the sandbox' that some above have mentioned - the rules tend to be more signposts along the way than chiseled in stone code-of-Hammurabi. The idea is though that we want to give everyone a framework to work within (as our fleet has quite a few members) - which isn't to say that no concepts outside of that framework will be allowed, it will just require some coordination with Fleet Leadership, and you may need to be willing to compromise some of the ideas to make sure they're compatible with the setting and the dozens of players who are active.

Moreover, and this is the important part - the 26th has some exceptionally strong role players. Coming from a guy who usually hates the MMO experience across the board, the 26th's players keep me coming back to STO, and make me willing to pay for STO stuff in game, all for the sake of greater enhancement of my already awesome experience with this Fleet.

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