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06-08-2013, 11:17 AM
The Evil Klang!?

To: RDML C. Sprint, CDRE B. Treksik, CAPT S. Vempati, CAPT S. Prinn, CAPT R. Llywarch
From: CAPT W. Levesley
Subject: Klingon Prisoner exchange situation.

Admiral, Commodore, Captains,

I wanted to ensure that everyone who should be informed was up to date on the situation that has developed since the destruction of the U.S.S. Inspiration at the hands of the Klingons.

50 of the crew have been taken prisoner, or so the Klingon Captain K'jarg, son of Hagh, Iomqa' HoD has informed us. I believe that Captain Llywarch has begun negotiations with the Klingons for return of the POW's. However I believe at their last meeting the Klingons executed an Ensign from the prisoners and delivered him as a warning of further reprisals.

Captain Llywarch, what demands have the Klingons made in exchange for the return of the surviving crew members?

We should ensure that we all are aware of what is going on so that if need be the full resources of the fleet can be brought to bare.


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06-08-2013, 11:37 AM
Structure is good. Rules that everyone can agree on are good.

In my experience, "anything goes" RP tends to devolve into a "more special and/or powerful than thou" competition, as everyone attempts to make their own character (1) unique and interesting and (2) immune to being casually messed with by others. Every new addition has to outdo those who came before. Power and concept creep quickly ensue.

But I will admit to some slight bias, having two characters in this fleet (and one associated with it, redside). IMO, it's a solid group of roleplayers, some of the best I've encountered in this game (or any other MMO).
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06-08-2013, 03:24 PM
I joined the fleet a couple of months ago and have been having a great time. There's plenty of RP to be had whether its part of a crew, captaining a ship or on station. Can't recommend them enough

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06-09-2013, 01:13 PM
This fleet stinks!

On a more serious related note, I can highly recommend this fleet as a returning player. I wouldn't have been around STO anymore if it wasn't for them, and this is comming from someone who has tried a few 'RP' fleets here already.

The fleet is comprised of a large variety of personalities and stories, definitely worth trying.
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06-09-2013, 07:24 PM
More on the evil klang front

Deep within the jungle wilderness of the Klingon homeworld, Qo'nos, the Iom'qa, vessel of the brother of Sapi'Q, K'jarg, comes to rest upon a small landing pad. The youngest, and coincidentally shortest member of the trio assembled to recover Klingon warriors, fallen to the dishonor of imprisonment by Starfleet emerges from the vessel before the remainder of his comrades, making with purpose from the steps with a hastened stride which signified his purpose.

Knpok emerges from the Iomqa: Show

During his march throughout the paved street, an aberration in the otherwise tropical landscape of the compound, workers stack crates and take inventory. Children, small boys, chase one another up a flight of stairs, each carrying a small, wooden bat'leth. Warriors they would be, some day, but not today. Two of the dock-hands murmur amongst each other, saying that the Hoch qorDu' has returned, though they do not dare to speak it above a whisper - The derisive look given to the back of K'npok was indicative enough of their target of conversation.

At last, the mighty Hall comes into view, though K'npok does not even spare a pause for its splendor. He continues to walk on, his eyes perpetually set upon his path.

The Hall of Sapi'Q: Show

Mighty in countenance was this structure. Tall, and monolithic, an item of preeminence in the jungles of Qo'nos. At the fore of the structure sets a great pillar, upon it, the symbol of the Empire - the Blade of Virtue. Though, this structure was not built simply with aesthetics in mind. No, this structure bore purpose, which it stated plainly; Dual Disruptor cannons mounted on the roofs of the structure, perpetually directed skyward, ever-vigilant in their warding of the House of Sapi'Q.

Inside, K'npok steps through the doors into the Hall of Combat. Within, stand fifty men, many of them Klingon, Nausican, Gorn... a multitude of races, who all now shared a common trait, aside from their allegiance to the Empire. They all shared in the same dishonor - The dishonor which came with the shame of captivity at the hands of an enemy. Many of them were angry, and rightly so, and it seemed a bloodbath of frenzied, dishonored warriors might begin at any moment...

K'npok stands before the former captives.: Show

...until K'npok speaks. His voice is loud, and booms with a mighty echo throughout the Hall.

"Sons of Kahless, hear me! Warriors Nausican, Gorn and Klingon alike, hear me!" K'npok raises a closed fist, sheathed in dark leather, then pounds it to his chest. "I am K'npok! Son of Yon, of the House Sapi'Q, the man who has spared you further shame at the hands of the Federation." He begins to circle the center of the platform, his eyes eventually meeting each of those in his assembly as he makes his way around.

"Know that I was once like you! Stripped of my title, bereft of my honor, and my commendation, left with naught but my dignity!" These words spit from his mouth like fire of a dragon incensed, and he gives pause for several moments. By this point, the assembly had grown silent, and kept their attention on the Klingon in the center of the Hall. "Your rescuer, the one who now harbors your dishonored carcasses in his own halls, who risked his ships, and his own warriors for dishonored Peta'q! offered me an opportunity to reclaim my honor, and a position as a member of his House when I had fallen in to the dark abyss which we call Disgrace. Now I stand before you a warrior redeemed, honored amongst my fellows!"

K'npok again pauses, if only to take a breath. "Among the Jem'hadar, there is a saying; We are already dead! We go into battle to reclaim our lives. I say to you now, warriors of the Empire - You are dead! Your Houses have disowned you, your wives, and children forsaken you for your dishonor. What will you do? Will you wallow in your disgrace, and throw yourself upon your blade? Or will crawl from the black pit of dishonor, pledge yourselves to the House of Sapi'Q, and fight to reclaim your lost life? You will bear no further shame for choosing the former of the two paths I have put before you, but should you choose to follow Sapi'Q, one who is owed your allegiance, know that one day, Sons of Kahless... you will have your honor once more. Now! What say you!"

Amongst the vast majority of the men assembled, a mighty cry arises, fists and hands raised with intensity. K'npok reaches for his hip, and unsheathes the Dk'Tahg, thrusting it high into the air. He calls out with a mighty voice!
Heghlu'meH, QaQ jajvam!
Today is a good day to die!: Show
Today, the House of Sapi'Q gains warriors fifty, pledged to their House, and their cause. Q'apla!
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06-10-2013, 10:56 AM
I joined this fleet about a month ago. I really enjoy it, great people on here. I recommend it
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06-11-2013, 01:49 PM
The goings on...

Acting Captain's Log - Stardate 91046.42

Commander S'uvok
Commanding Officer U.S.S. Sisko NCC-95505 Reporting -

The U.S.S. Sisko is currently orbiting Starbase 3 8 1 Praetorian, following the removal of Federation embassies from New Romulus. The Sisko performed escort duty for civilian and non-combat Starfleet Vessels as they made their way to the Eta Eridani Sector Block, and ultimately Praetorian, where the Romulan Republic embassy had been relocated. Given the changes and reassignments to several Task Force Avalon elements, the crew of the Sisko remained at Starbase 3 8 1, anticipating additional duties and/or reassignment from our regularly scheduled patrol of Hromi Sector.

Chief Ill'issin has reached the final stages of her advisory role with Commander Mercer's investigation of Tholian Activity on New Romulus, in light of the removal of Federation assets from the planet's surface. Her duties in this regard will culminate in the conduct of a discussion group on Praetorian for various elements of the Fleet. Likewise, data acquired by the Chief during the mission's final outing before the eviction from New Romulus was forwarded to Commander Mercer in his role as op command. It should be noted that I commanded the Chief to upload a copy of that data to be encrypted aboard the Sisko's servers - as we have had several encounters with the Tholian Assembly since our deployment to the 26th fleet, and likewise provides us a tactical advantage in future engagements. To that end, as the Chief has greater time to focus on her primary duties aboard the Sisko, I have forwarded ship duty-logs to Starfleet Command for equivalency Bridge Officer Certification. Although the Chief has not taken the formal examinations, practical hands-on experience does merit full certification, as allowable by Starfleet Regulations.

We have likewise just received orderes from Task Force Avalon XO, Captain Vempati to deploy as a part of a special attack wing under the command of Captain Levesley. The mission profile will take the Sisko within enemy territory, in an attempt to affect rescue of Starfleet assets currently in Klingon custody. This deep within Imperial boarders, the likelihood of facing Klingon Honor Guard ships is of increased magnitude, and as such, threaten to be of much greater consequence in engagement with the Sisko. Simulations put mission success at 32.81% probability with current weapons loadout, therefore I put in an emergency fleet requisition from the industrial fabricator, as well as a refit of one of the Sisko's Mk XI phaser relays. Chief Ill'issin and Subcommander V'dek are coordinating Engineering and Science departments for the weapons upgrades, as well as requisitioning staff from Praetorian as available. I anticipate combat readiness within 48 hours.

-End Transmission-
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06-11-2013, 02:34 PM
On Saturday night, we ran a short scenario where the station was sabotaged. The theme was set and minor direction was given. As a result, free form RP ensued! Everyone seemed to have a good time. Below is one player's IC interpretation of the scenario

TO: RADM Sprint, CMDR McKenzie, CMDR Alenis
CC: RADM Treysik, CAPT Vempati
FROM: CAPT Sinclair
SUBJECT: AAR: Sabotage of Environmental Systems, SB 381

On Stardate 91040.63, Starbase 381 began experiencing a systemic failure of all CO2 scrubbers. The base's main computer promptly sounded the alarm, automatically going to yellow alert, and estimated that the station's atmosphere would become unbreathable to nearly all personnel aboard within two hours. The pattern of the failures, the speed of their progress and their totality was immediately noted as suspicious, and starbase security began sweeps for possible saboteurs while escorting all non-essential personnel to emergency shelters and evacuation points.

Discovery was in dock at this time, completing repairs (as a result of damage sustained in the raid on the Klingon repair facility in the Kinkuthanza system, earlier that stardate), and soon became aware of the base's heightened state of alert. Upon learning of the problem, damage control parties were gathered in the transporter rooms and dispatched (along with security escorts, at the insistence of Discovery XO zh'Pashek) to assist in getting the scrubbers back online as quickly as possible. These teams were under the field command of chief operations officer LT Sarat.

Examination of the scrubber units revealed the cause of failure: the membranes of the filter units had been severely degraded, with descriptions varying from "shredded" to "more holes than Swiss cheese." Tricorder readings indicated trace amounts of hydrofluoric acid (the corrosive agent) along with its reaction products, requiring the teams to don protective gear to prevent possible contact with greater concentrations. Despite this delay, replacement of the damaged filters proceeded at a good pace until the discovery of a further complication: an explosive device placed behind one of the scrubber units, adjacent to an EPS conduit, and connected to the filter pack by wires that formed an electrical circuit.

LT Sarat reported the bomb and requested an Explosive Ordnance Disposal team, while he and the damage control party withdrew to what was hoped would be a safe distance. The EOD team was beamed to their location and began their examination of the device. At this time, various persons listening in on comms - including Commander Valerius of RRW Xalkirian, also in orbit of the station - began offering their own suggestions as to how to disarm it. At the discretion of CAPT Sinclair and LT Sarat, these were not passed along to the EOD team. The device was successfully disarmed and secured in an armored container for later examination and/or detonation.

As the EOD team was packing up and preparing to return to Discovery, a second device was found by LCDR "Roots" Earthborne Maker-Caste and her team of starbase engineers, also engaged in filter replacement. As before, they withdrew while EOD moved to their location. After confirming that the second device was identical to the first, the EOD team disarmed and secured it as well.

Full function was restored to the station's air recycling systems by 91040.74, one hour after the initial alarm, and Praetorian stood down from yellow alert. Starbase security was unable to identify or arrest the saboteur(s). Forensic investigation (including the explosive devices and filter samples) is still ongoing. LCDR Adray, Discovery's science officer, notes that hydrofluoric acid, even in relatively weak solutions, is an extremely corrosive and dangerous substance requiring careful handling; there is no record of sufficient quanties of it being brought aboard or replicated on the starbase.

Commendations are noted for CPOs Bron and Spivack of the EOD team, as well as LT Sarat and CPOs Ditchfield and Krieser of the damage control parties. Special commendation for PO Adler, whose sharp eyes spotted the trigger wires and kept him and the rest of his team from getting blown up.

CAPT Kyle Sinclair
CO, U.S.S. Discovery [NCC-92999]
Task Force Avalon
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06-12-2013, 10:09 AM
Up coming this sunday!

A strange Temporal wave strikes Preatorian station and the timeline finds itself altered until it passes. The cast and crew of Star Trek: Preatorian find themselves in an Alternate Universe where technology never advanced past the twenty third Century. The aged Constitution still reigns supreme as the warship of the day. The Klingon D7 still menaces the colony lanes. And the Romulans still hide behind their neutral zone.
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06-12-2013, 08:36 PM
Im very new to role play id like to learn and have more fun in game.

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