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When I try to log in to STO, I get the message, "Too many attempts, please try again later." This was after I had been offline for a couple of hours, and the problem continues, even though I waited several hours before trying again. I was able to play earlier in the day, after the maintenance patch, so that does not appear to be the problem.

I sent in a support request and received a response e-mail with a ticket number, but the ticket does not show up under my support log. I have not seen any posts about server issues, so I assume the problem is just mine. Has anyone seen this before? Should I try reloading the game? Any other suggestions? Does it take several hours for support tickets to show up?
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06-11-2013, 09:11 AM
I've had this happen several times, and from what I can tell, it seems to be caused by something flagging your IP address on Cryptic's side.

The easiest way around it is to change your IP address. If your ISP uses dynamic IP addressing, this should be easy -- you simply disconnect and then reconnect.

However, if you have an ISP that maintains persistent IP addressing, you might have to give them a call to see if you can force a reset by disconnecting your modem and powering it down for a while. Otherwise, this solution won't work for you.

Long story short, something on Cryptic's end sees your IP address as bad and flags it from the outset. The only solution is changing your IP address, which could be easy or hard depending on your circumstances.

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