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# 1 Kumari Escort Build Advice
06-09-2013, 07:39 AM
So I am on a quest to improve my overall damage on my Kumari Escort and I was curious what others thought of the build. I'm not squeemish so if I am doing something wrong don't hold it in.

Fore Weapons
Dual Heavy Cannon - Anti Proton MKXI CritDx2 x4
Kumari Wing Cannon Accx3 (I belive)

MXXI Anti Proton Beam Array
Omega Kinetic Cutting Beam MXXII

Deflector - MKXI Assimilated
Impulse- MKXI Assilated
Shield- MXXI Assimiated

Science Consoles
2x MXXI Field Generators

Tactical Consoles
5x MXXI Anti Proton Mag Regulators

Plasmonic Leech
Assimilated Console
MKXI Electroceramic Armor

BOFF Set up

My Immediate plans are to get the higher tiers in Omega (Current Tier 3) to get the MKXII Borg pieces & to replace the shield with the Fleet Elite shield when my fleet unlocks the ability for Elite weapons. I don't run the Andorian Consoles as much because I don't want to ruin my survivability but the Leech keeps my Power levels very stable and I can afford 125/100 Weps 70/45 Shields 70/45 and the remainder is in Auxillary which I don't tend to use much even in healing myself.

My DPS is pretty ok running ESTF's, I don't score the highest as I tend to have fun and I run with several people who can melt a borg cube in under 20 seconds but I do want to get as good as them just because I am competitive lol. So any critique/advice is very much appreciated

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# 2
06-09-2013, 08:12 AM
I bought the Pack but only use the Tac version. The wing cannons are Phaser energy type so mixing them with antiproton is going to hinder you. My reccomendation and it is based on testing in PVE and PVP (Kerrat not Arena) is go with 4 DHC's and the Wing cannons or replace one of the DCH's with a Torp or DBB. Try to get the XII Borg set. The speed and high shield and hull regen makes up for the lower cap on the borg shields. It also compenstaes for the lack of Boff healing abilities on this ship. (if your flying the Tac version) With the full borg set use the cutting beam/tractor beam combo to snag your target then unleash hell with a CRF3 + THY (quantoms)
WIth the multiple Tac stations you can always have a TT ability up and running. This ship needs it.
I run a pretty expensive build but it really, really works well at dishing out massive DPS.

1 Wing cannon, 3 Fleet DCH's ACC2 DMG2, 1 XII Fleet quantom CRTH, 1 Fleet Turrett ACC2 DMG2, Borg Cutting beam.

5 XII purple phaser Tac consoles
1 XII RCS, 1 XII Neutronium, 1 Borg Console
2 XII Field Gens (to boost the low cap on borg shields)
the ENG boffs youll need to use Hull heals and on the SCI you need HE and TSS.
Also get some Large shield batt's to make up for lack of Shield heals. Remember if you are losing your Shields use evasive or a Deuterium or Eng Batt to get away. Your Borg shields will regen in seconds so you mostly dont have to use a shield heal. Also go into your options/Keybindings and put distribute/balance shield power on your alt key (if fire weps is on spacebar) so you can pound away on both and always have your shields balanced evenly to all sides when not using TT. This helps a lot. It keeps shield power distrubited to all sides when you cant use a TT ability.

Load up you Tac Boffs with TT, and Cannon abilities and 1 THY ability and make usre to have a copy of APO. Also a APD or APB wont hurt. Use the Cannon Doffs and the attack pattern doffs, and Technicians. Or the Doffs that strip targets buffs when hit with beams or cannons, or the Tac team Doff.
I use the Attack pattern Doff, the Tac team doff, and the Cannon Doff with 2 Technicians.

I swoop in hit my Borg tractor beam, TT1, attack battern beta, CRF3 and THY, and most things go "BOOM"
If im in trouble I use evasive maneuvers and an Eng Batt to get away or pop a Deuterium if needed. In about 5 seconds my shields are back to full and Im back in it. If Evasive is on cooldown the APO and TT can save you also. This is just what works really well for my. Might not for others

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