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# 1 Noob set bonus question
06-09-2013, 06:42 PM
the Romulan Singularity Harness 2 piece set bonus

+7.6% plasma weapon damage

could i just get a clarification that is all plasma damage period beams torps whatever right?
in other words i have the rommy hyper-torper and the zero-point ec console i have to use plasma beams to go with it right?

yes i know i dont technically have to do anything but why give up a free 7.6% damage?

so clarification please thats all plasma damage?

thank you in advance
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06-09-2013, 07:04 PM
It's all plasma damage, but keep in mind that the plasma torp does *kinetic* damage with a plasma dot. The plasma dot and any plasma beams/cannons you use will be boosted by the set, but the main torpedo damage will not.
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# 3
06-09-2013, 07:16 PM
thank you for the reply and the advice

i guess i wont be getting those fleet andorian phasers after all

so if anybody else happens to stop by and read this i would welcome any thoughts on which plasma beam arrays everyone likes i have access to all of them that i know of they may not be much different but i welcome any thoughts

thanks in advance
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06-09-2013, 07:54 PM
I am not sure what you are flying but if you are going for a Beam Array broadsider I urge you to reconsider... They always are pathetic at dealing any damage. One Beam Array can work with the Romulan Hyper Plasma Torp which is the Experimental Plasma Beam Array which deals alright damage and comes with a NASTY ability with the 3 part set bonus.

Besides that stick to Dual Beam Banks (If you can do a tighter arc), Turrets on the back, and Single Cannons if you need a wider arc than the 90 from the DBBs.
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I have noticed that most of the ships i have destroyed drop temporal lock boxes. How does a silver member get the keys to unlock these boxes?
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06-12-2013, 12:02 PM
Originally Posted by empatojayos View Post
I have noticed that most of the ships i have destroyed drop temporal lock boxes. How does a silver member get the keys to unlock these boxes?
you shouldnt be getting temporal lockboxes anymore, you should be picking up tal shiar Boxes now.

anyway to get keys you got 1 of two ways.

C-store Via Zen: gotten by paying money, or grinding dilithium and using the dilithium exchange to get the zen.

or you can buy them off the exchange for around 1.4-1.5 million Energy Credits.

P.S. Even gold have to buy keys, we dont get them for free unless we use our 500 zen stipend.
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