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# 1 SO many Costume Bugs
06-10-2013, 01:22 PM
Where to even Begin?

I'm playing a Male Alien, Romulan allied with KDF, the following is mostly about Captain and Bridge officer Costume options, not ship costumes
...and there is where the problems start.

Romulan 22nd century Pants has only 1 color swatch, changing this color does not change the color on the pants. you know what does change the color on the pants? selecting the pants listed as Panels and Pockets, then changing the pocket color, and switching back to the Romulan 22nd century pants.

The Rom 22nd shirt,works as intended

Romulan Tal Shiar outfit (again for alien Male) DOES NOT have the super cool Tal Shiar Belt like the romulan spies on khitomer were wearing. this is Sad because this would complete an outfit i was designing.

Romulan Tal Shiar outfit did not include Hakeev chest/shoulder pads triangle piece, nor did it include hakeev style bracers or boots. Maybe this would make for a good C-store buy later on?

Nemesis costume is not accessible on the Republic Alien characters. while NOT A BUG this prevents players from making their own Shinzon captain.

Many costume options have extra color swatches that DO NOTHING.
Romulan Commander rank Dual shoulder pads is a good example of this. (upon looking at this only the "rear admiral upper half" shoulders look like they color the way they were supposed to.)
Tal Shiar chest belts are another good example of this, first 2 swatches do nothing that i could tell.

Romulan subcommander dual shoulder pads should have the option for a None" regarding cape/drapery.

Yesterday's Enterprise Chest gear, clips into the outfit model of many of the Romulan bodys upnear the shoulders and upper chest. this is especially bad on outfits Romulan Klingon 1, 2, and Romulan Republic 1 and 2

Now for the more complicated Bugs, least complicated for me to describe, plz let me know if you have trouble following.

Liberated Borg Reman Boff: despite being Allied with the KDF, Basic Romulan/Federation uniform templates appear for this Boff. clicking them does nothing, in fact this character has no Allied Costume options at all. Selecting Borg Legs in the pants area, gives another option "Materials" below for "basic bare skin" or "borg hips" while i'm infavor of more scantily clad Liberated Borg around, why is this NOT currently an option for female Liberated Borg? and why does selecting the Borg "shirt" in upper not have the same options? and DON"T get me started on the Borg bare feet options. this post is going to be long enough as it is.

Undershirt: Romulan Klingon 2.
Great for Plot line Boffs and captain, not so great for anyone else i pick up along the way. For Plot line Boffs the undershirt's 2 color swatches are independent and not linked to any other color swatch in the uniform section of the tailor. this is a GOOD thing.
However on non plot line Boffs, the colors are linked to other color swatches elsewhere in the tailor. changing one color here throws off your entire planned outfit. changing collar color changes Pants to that color or something.

Upper: Romulan Klingon 1
Again works GREAT for Romulan plotline Boffs. not so much for any other Boff gained along the way. Mostly due to color Swatches being linked to other swatches in the tailor.

Lower: Romulan Klingon 1 and 2 found to have color swatches linked to others the tailor.

When selecting some Boots, some have an extremely limited color selection,
Feet: Reman Neutral, Romulan Republic 1 and 2 all suffer from this problem.
Feet: Reman Nemesis, has 1 null/unused color swatch
Feet: Reman Klingon, has missing textures i'm seeing half a reman boot split down the middle, and the other half is a texture from Feet Romulan klingon 1

Some of the Boots did not have their base Color pallet changed for the new affiliation's new color pallet. makes it kinda hard when your Romulan is going off a Purple and pink color build and the boots you want to use are still attached to the base Federation/klingon color pallet.

While i'm looking at Veril, (my only Reman Boff) because i didn't think they would be so rare that i passed up the 1 other Reman Boff sent my way through leveling up.

Undershirt Romulan klingon2 and Reman klingon, both have EXTREMELY linked color swatches to other uniform peices. this is annoying and stifles creativity, let alone fashion sense LOL.

On Veril i am using Head type "reman 03"
I'm disappointed that the Reman skin tones i can choose from do NOT match the non customizable Obisek Reman mission Reward Boff. i would greatly like to change her skin tone to something roughly that color of ash. Head type Reman 03 has access to the "overall pattern" head/face customization um drop table. i was disappointed to find out that while

Head type Reman 02 and 01 do have this, they do not have the same Larger Range of customizations available to them. i find the "kobali" pattern Looks GREAT on her.

Head type Reman 02 looks like a "half Reman" to me and has the option for eyebrows. however it only has the 1 eyebrow option. Several Romulan standard eyebrows would be nice.

The New Narrow Eyes option is GREAT, but i would also like to see the Super huge eyes that the Reman Loritrix had in the plot line missions

On my Captain, selecting Wrist attach left and right, selecting both to be Romulan Republic 1, Writst attach right used the basic uniform color pallet from the fed/KDF sides. where wrist attach Left uses the new limiting republic pallet including variants on 4 colors green, tan, black, and yellow-ish tan.
same problem persists for Wrist attach Romulan Republic 2, same hands.

and last i looked, i STILL could not make a female Deferi Boff, due to female aliens not having access to the Kretassian head "horns"

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# 2
06-10-2013, 04:20 PM
Don't forget that some of the romulan only hairstyles have bald spots on them or the fact that any and all custom skins end awkwardly at the neck, making using open uniforms look terrible on characters that aren't just plain romulans. Even the infected looks terrible on liberated romulans.
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# 3
06-13-2013, 08:57 AM
apparently Liberated Borg Romulan Male, "player character" (I don't have enough Lobi yet for the Boff)
Feet: Leather Boots, and other 'standard' boots do not have color options. they have the "swatches" to select the colors you want. but no color pallet attached to them.

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# 5
06-13-2013, 09:08 AM
Originally Posted by tomin8r View Post
thank you.
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# 6
06-13-2013, 09:11 AM
No problem, it's ridiculous that these bugs have been allowed to persist for so long, especially on paid content.
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# 7
06-13-2013, 08:40 PM
I've noticed a lot of bald spots in some of the new hair styles as well as a new one on the Federation Romulan uniform. When i left my arms, the back looks like it splits at the shoulder blades. Sometimes it looks like the Fabric is split and i'm looking in, and other times it looks like the skin is just clipping through. For how much hype LoR was getting, you think they would have at least finished it before putting it on live.

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