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# 1 Odyssey and Galaxy upgrades?
06-09-2013, 10:41 PM
So in a recent interview, i believe it was Al who said that they might be going back and looking at ways to buff the Galaxy Retrofit. One idea he proposed would be to make it a flight deck cruiser. I squeed when i heard this cause the feds don't have a flight deck cruiser (i said cruiser not escort/science so no vesta or akira in this conversation) and the Galaxy is the perfect candidate for this upgrade. Yesterday i hopped back into my base Odyssey (cause i don't have the shiny ones) and was thinking if the Galaxy might be getting this treatment, could the biggest ship in the fleet also get this overhaul. The stipulation to this would be that the adding of a hanger bay would only apply to the base version, not the c-store versions. The reason is because the rear module is replaced by the Aquarius on the +1 versions instead of a massive hanger bay which the base version has. Anyways this is just a thought and thought i would post it on the forums.
Please no trolling/rude remarks, it upsets the eppohs on my ship lol
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# 2
06-09-2013, 11:48 PM
A flight deck Galaxy would be perfect. I honestly think that you could probably just swap the saucer section for a flight deck saucer and it could have all of the carrier facilities right there ready and waiting on top of an existing stardrive section. It would be an easy upgrade, easily reversed, and all sorts of good. I'd probably get one.

The Odyssey on the other hand, I am somewhat reluctant to "recommend" for this. I'd like to see both the base AND the c-store version get this buff. This is not just because I bought the c-store version, there are other reasons - not the least of which that I'm very certain that a flight deck would be far better than the Aquarius. That said, balance is an issue with the Odyssey, so I dunno about that one.
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# 3
06-10-2013, 12:25 AM
The issue with adding Hangar Bays to Federation Cruisers is that, in terms of lore, every Federation Cruiser has at the very least a good complement of shuttles. However, for the ships in STO which have actual Hangar Bays, it's not simply because the ship has hangars, but because it's a balance choice too.

That said, giving the Galaxy Retrofit (and its Fleet counterpart) a Hangar Bay would be a nice touch. However, given the many threads on the subject of rebalancing the Gal-X and Gal-R, and the fact that there have been no obvious changes to those ships, I wouldn't set my hopes too high. What gets discussed in an interview is not exactly a binding contract, so it may take a while for any changes to get rolled out.
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# 4
06-10-2013, 12:30 AM
One thing to keep in mind is that making the Galaxy a carrier is a nice side-stepping of the issue. People want the Gal to be stronger. The devs want it an uber tank. This allows it to gain more options (including offensive) without compromising the basic design. This seems like the most likely option, really, in terms of adding stuff for the ship.

Also I would argue that the shuttle bays for a lot of Federation cruisers aren't really suited to large-scale combat flight operations. Look at the hangars on the Atrox - those things are HUGE, and while I haven't seen a Klingon carrier to compare it to (or, for that matter, a Vesta or HEC) THAT closely, they seem to be pretty fundamentally different than the shuttle bays. An upgrade such as this for the Galaxy class would, I imagine, involve hollowing a LOT of the saucer out, and possibly putting new entrances on it (e.g. top and bottom of the forward saucer section).
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# 5
06-10-2013, 01:51 AM
imo, i don't think we need a carrier version of the Odyssey as it is already over and done with (3-pack attack, 2nd year anniversery gift, and tier 5 fleet shipyard unlock). Quite frankly, you'll be better off asking the desert for water than getting the Odyssey turned into a carrier.

That said, the Galaxy carrier idea, while not bad per say, isn't exactly the brightest idea either. You're talking about taking a 40-50 year old spaceframe, gutting it, overhauling it, and giving it carrier capabilities. Coupled with saucer separation, it's starting to sound a bit OP'd isn't it?
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# 6
06-10-2013, 04:14 AM
Originally Posted by a3001 View Post
Coupled with saucer separation, it's starting to sound a bit OP'd isn't it?
Not really. It will still have terrible boff and console slots. A single fighter wing would actually make it almost as good as other endgame Fed cruisers. But compare it to the Armitage and your nonsense statement above sounds as stupid as it really is.
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# 7
06-10-2013, 04:40 AM
If they really wanted to "fix" the Galaxy, they could give the Fleet version the same boff layout as the Fleet D'deridex and everyone would be satisfied. Overpowered? Nope. The Fleet Sovereign and Excelsior would still beat it by a mile.
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# 8
06-10-2013, 02:05 PM
As much as I would love to see the upgrades/revamp of the Galaxy, I won't get my hopes up, since in the end, it will probably still be... underwhelming.

As for upgrades to the Odyssey? It's already the most versatile cruiser in the whole game. There is no other ship that can beat it when it comes to pure flexibility. It can go from damage dealer to healer to tank specialization literally with one BOff change, which you can do as soon as red alert drops.

As much as I would love to see upgrades to that ship, there isn't really much you can do without making her too powerful.
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# 9 Set bonus
06-10-2013, 04:41 PM
What the galaxy class needs is a two set bonus. I've been suggesting this idea but the sto community is slow on accepting it.

Antimatter spread + saucer separation = bonus ability or passive ability

Both of these consoles are on galaxy class starships

They already have the odyssey bonuses why not a galaxy one?

Yes some have mentioned that the lock box will give KDF and Roms antimatter spread.

But the devs can change the galaxy antimatter spread console while maintaining the original lock box ones. They can figure out the details.

But the idea of a 2 piece console bonus is what is really needed and called for.
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# 10
06-10-2013, 08:48 PM
It would be nice if that God awful Oddy pack I bought got some sort of buff.

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