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Hi guys. I have not given up on the last post of the Invasion Body Snatchers, but it's not looking good for doing anything more with that one. lol

So............Now I am moving on to this new offering, and I know these are safe for a good reboot. but instead of just doing one movie, I figured why now mix the two into one.

This might be a fun, so why not have fun working on it in your mind, then post your idea on a new film here.

The Trailers:

I come in peace -


The hidden -


This is my scifi challenge to you guys. So what would you do with this work? I say you will get are least 2 movies to make from these two, and a 3rd if you really can think outside the box.

1. This MUST be an action series

2. You get to use top name action stars

3. You can add a Horror theme if you like, but your not limited to it.

4. Have fun with your ideas.

So come on guys and gals, lets hear what you would do with this remake of the two film sinto one series. For goodness sakes people lets have fun with this!

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