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This was a fun mission with a conclusion that blew me away.

I found nothing wrong with the Story and the overall mechanics as it all seemed to ork as intended however I have noted some minor technical issues.

Klingon Promotion Announcements:
While this is not an issue directly related to this mission it is something that needs to be addressed. Upon my promotion the FX procs and sparkles as usual but what I hear to proclaim my new status along the ladder is the KDF announcement, music, voice and rank.(If this has not yet been included I understand but I needed to put it out there.)

Gorn on the Bridge!
Again, not directly related to the mission. Please bear with me. Once I chose my ally, KDF of course, I received my faction reward bundle to include a Gorn Bridge officer. The problem I have is that now that he is here(Or she, I can't tell yet) he has taken over the bridge. In space, though he has not been assigned a bridge station, he is the only bridge officer that makes any reports. That and he has this strange odor...

The exception of course are the Torvan specific reports.

Bridge Officer Backgrounds:
I noticed several instances in this mission where appropriate BO background images are missing. This occurred both in space as well as on the ground. This feature was a huge surprise as well as one of my favorite new features so it is very noticeable when it is not present.

Mighty Morphing Consoles:
In the process of destroying consoles as part of the quest objective I notied that the debris from the console was that of a large turret. I seem to recall seeing a destroyed console asset in the Foundry that would be just as appropriate, if I am mistaken, disregard.
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06-11-2013, 10:52 PM
---Removed--- Bug was for mission "Neutral No More". My apologies.

Last edited by toralan; 06-11-2013 at 11:02 PM. Reason: --- Removed Comment: Moved to correct mission

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