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Originally Posted by fazemladaiya View Post
Since you live in a basement and have not yet been out to encounter customer service, I'll try my best to explain, as a convenience to you and out of the kindness of my heart, what customer service is all about. He smiled. Since you are new to emoticons, this is different from a laugh, which would have indeed been inappropriate. In the customer service industry a lot of people are taught to smile and try to lighten the mood of the situation. You could come to me with your worst problem, and I could be completely empathetic to the issue, and still manage a smile to lighten your mood. A laugh, on the other hand, is a different story.

I hope this helps, and furthers your education. As an added convenience, this bit of information I provided will be free this time and I will not send the usual in-game bill for Energy Credits.

@Brandon - Thanks for acknowledging and posting. The two STFs that I did earlier awarded just fine on the bonuses and I will just keep repeating those to get the marks. It seems like enough of the events do provide the bonuses that even with the cool-down we can rotate and get marks just fine.

RE: Some of the other replies about a smiley - it greatly pleases me that your lives are over because of an emoticon You hereby have permission to keep entertaining me

P.S. - It's just a game. LOL
So like - this would be bad customer service response to a concern?
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06-14-2013, 10:52 PM
Originally Posted by newromulan1 View Post
So like - this would be bad customer service response to a concern?
LOL Now THAT would be bad ROFL . . . but that definitely showed how I felt reading some of the posts in here
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06-14-2013, 11:06 PM
Really? Which STFs would those be? No, really. I want to do them too. I am willing to bet, however, you were just seeing the bonus from completing the optional, or did them during the three hour bonus event time that ended a while ago, which worked properly.

I might add that as someone who knows all about customer service, you should know that your your smug and arrogant attitude will do little to win others over to your point of view.

Here is my hypothesis:

The bonus event was working, but the servers kept having problems. So, there was an emergency patch done. After that, the bonuses stopped coming. I am guessing they did some kind of rollback that removed the bonus event with it. Rather than admit to it, they say nothing and wait for the players to figure it out and start complaining. Then they feign ignorance and ask the players to tell them what isn't working, as if they couldn't find out for themselves. This is just a stall tactic and something for the players to focus on for a little while.

They have no intention of/ability to fix the problem in time, so they give Branflakes the unenviable task of telling us such as vaguely as possible so they do not have to come right out and admit it.

I have worked as a developer and this is how things are done, more often than not. Companies need to learn that simply admitting the problem and telling the players where things really stand is far better than lying to them, trying to cover the mess up, or simply ignoring issues completely. Honesty, while embarrassing and sure to draw ire on its own is preferable to antagonizing or belittling customers, which generates distrust and ill will for the future. One would be surprised what customers will put up with as long as they feel like they know what is going on and the company seems to be making an effort to resolve the problem in good faith.
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06-14-2013, 11:08 PM

Basically, not working for me either, and I verified on my mark count before and after the game.
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06-14-2013, 11:12 PM
Definitely not working. I've done a dozen runs (Azure, Vault, Infected Elite). None rewarded any bonus marks except one played during the hourly event.
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06-14-2013, 11:13 PM
Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
Are you sure? I've seen reports that players did get them if they looked at their start and end mark totals in the assets tab, as the bonus was just not displaying in the loot window. Let me know if this is not the case...
This is the first time I've had a chance to play any Mark rewarding mission since the Event went live.

I just completed [Hard] Interior: Scheduled Self Destruct. Prior to running this mission I checked my Assets tab, and I had 25 Nukara marks. The window, text window, etc. showed that I received 15 Nukara Marks. I checked my assets tab and I now have 40.

I got 15 Nukara Marks for an Interior Hard.

I then went surface and when I went and completed [Hard] Exterior: Transdimensional Tactics. Same deal, got 15 Nukara Marks, and now I'm up to 44 total Marks.

Edit to add: Here are some additional missions I completed tonight on Nukara during the "Bonus Mark Event" (and yes, I checked my assets before/after completing each mission:
[Easy] Exterior: Industrial Espionage = 5NM
[Medium] Exterior: Rescuing Redshirts = 10NM
[Medium] Exterior: Closing Doors = 10NM
[Zone Wide] Thinning the Hive = 15NM

When XP earnings during a Double-XP Weekend still feel like I'm underperforming,
there's something terribly wrong with the reward system...

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06-14-2013, 11:24 PM
still no fix to the so called event.
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In the unlikely event someone is reading this thread and actually trying to diagnose the problem, I just did Vault Ensnared 3 times. One of my characters (the first one who ran it) got the bonus marks, and it was NOT during the rotating (normal) bonus event. I checked my launcher logs to confirm this.

I logged in at 9:04pm Pacific, and the previous Bonus Marks event ended at 8pm Pacific. The next one doesn't start for about an hour.

My other two characters did not get the bonus marks. My first character (who got the bonus) opened the Mark containers before leaving the mission map, so I tried doing the same with the others - no bonus.

So it does not appear that "some work and some don't", rather it appears to be random (but heavily weighted in favor of not getting the bonus - I am 1-for-6 since the non-event event started, all on Vault Ensnared).
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Same toon as my Nukara runs above just completed CSE, completed optional. Started with 0 Omega Marks, now have 75OM. No bonus there.

When XP earnings during a Double-XP Weekend still feel like I'm underperforming,
there's something terribly wrong with the reward system...

You can find/contact me in game as @PatricianVetinari. Original Join Date: Feb 2010.
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If the boxes you open for choice of marks are supposed to contain the bonus marks, there was no visible bonus in the box, and when I opened it, the same about popped up as what I received.

I didn't carefully look at total, but didn't seem like I had more than normal.
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