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# 1 Entering/leaving ship interior
06-13-2013, 11:30 AM
I find it kind of annoying that whenever I want to visit my bridge for one reason or another, I am beamed aboard it. So I'm beamed from my ship, to my ship. Same goes for leaving the interior. So how about this: when entering the interior, have my character get up from "The Chair". When leaving, I'll have him sit in the chair, and then an option to leave the bridge will pop up on the side of the screen. Also, as a side note, I'd like if they would add a shuttle bay to all of the ship layouts. The transporter room is supposed to be for beaming, and nothing else.
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# 2
06-13-2013, 11:56 AM
i think it has to do with transition triggering animations. every time youchange space maps, you warp.... even if its another map in the same "system" Look at the captain's table anomaly... you enter it by going to warp.

I dont ever recall seeing ships go into warp to go into the bajoran wormhole in DS9.

only way i see this changing for bridge interaction is if they treat it like an "enter the mission through the door" transition, but then the entry/exit point would be tied to the captain's chair and only the captains chair, meaning if you invite friends over, they would have to spawn at the chair.
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