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# 1 One more thing...
06-14-2013, 02:13 PM
I went to a management seminar once, and a "consultant" told a bunch of us that you should never criticize with one breath, and then compliment with the next. He said it leads to crossed signals.
Personally, I think that's a bunch of festering mugato kidneys.

I take back nothing I've said. Yes, I'm critical of the outfit discrepancies, and bugs. Yes, I think Cryptic could do a much better job ironing out the costuming wrinkles. (ha! ...get it? ...okay, I'll stop). ...And yes, the continued server outages drive me batty.

However, I should also mention that the people behind STO did a splendid job with LoR. The storyline is rich, and captivating. The quests are fun, and the new Singularity mechanic gives ship combat a breath of fresh air. (at least I think so.)
I'm more excited about STO now than I ever have been. ..Even when it launched.

Some of us may kvetch at times. ...But it's because we're eager to romp through the world you helped to put on our computer screens. (and look amazing whilst romping... er, at least I do.)

Anyway... Just wanted to say, "thank you!" for all the hard work you guys are doing to bring us this delightful game.


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