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I had been off for a week, came back into game today and was looking through our fleet active projects and provisioning. After clicking some diff tabs I came across a something have never seen before. I suddenly had access to available fleet projects, and I was able to slot one. I do not have permission to slot a project, or have I ever.

Fully Leveled Embassy
Tier 4.5 Starbase


Open Fleet Tab > Open Holding Tab > Open Embassy Tab > Contribute "Note nothing to contribute" > Then click on Fleet Tab "Instead of showing active projects and Marks/Doff's/ETC to contribute I can now slot a project.

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06-15-2013, 02:47 AM
If you were able to do this at all, it means there's a very serious security flaw in the starbase system, since the game is not validating input against permissions. This means a malicious user could be sending arbitrary commands of a far more serious nature than simply setting a project.
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06-15-2013, 09:38 PM
It's benign. I hit a project for the lulz. Nothing happened.
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06-16-2013, 11:54 AM
I'm an officer in one fleet and not in another. A couple of times I've been able to see the queued projects on the fleet that I shouldn't be able to. I also sometimes have the invite to/kick from fleet right click options on that character, which that character shouldn't have.

Attempting to use any of these options results in an error. Fleet permissions are working correctly. It's a display error.

Like the chat channel issues it causes, I'd blame the "Change Character" button.
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06-17-2013, 12:48 PM
I confirm this behavior.
Note that the Embassy must not have any projects slotted in order to see, when you switch to the Starbase, as you can slot new projects but... Fortunately nothing happens. Still it does not look like intended so.... Care i don't, Fix it

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