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# 1 Multiple costume creator bugs
01-21-2010, 02:09 PM
I ran into no less than three of these in the costume creator last night.

1. I got a brand new Ferengi tactical officer, and when I claimed my free customization, there was a problem with the uniform part of the creator. The colors on the gloves, pants, and boots were all linked - choosing yellow for color 2 on the gloves would set yellow on the pants and boots as well, and vice versa. Changing uniform options didn't break the link, and only flipping through the presets was able to fix it.

2. The preset uniforms are all the wrong color. They were all blue, I suppose because my captain is a science officer, but I was creating a uniform for a tactical officer.

3. The editor is displaying the wrong price for modifying uniforms. When it says a modification costs 200 credits, it's more like 2000 credits. I don't know what the true cost is supposed to be, so it's either charging ten times too much, or the price display isn't showing the correct, higher price.

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