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01-21-2010, 03:53 PM
1st Day tried 2 x.

Admiral Zelle appears at times unable to be attacked.... Can get stuck and will not follow you if player goes to fast for the npc.... Solution was to Move slow threw the entire mission.... Slow like at almost a snail's pace.

2nd Day tried 1 x.

I was able to finish the mission after the 3rd time but am being plagued by the starship to person bug and the away team bug still is plagueing me.

I wind up on the station a space ship..... so I, then beam up after a while of not turning back into a human.

I then wind up in space as a human but fall from the sky to what seem's to be the ground and lose a signifcant amount of points.

I then log out..... log back in and I am a ship but the ship's taken damage. I land back at the starport run the mission with my away team.....

I finish the mission after taking my sweet slow time......

I eventually get the message to beam out.....

I beam out then I am in space again as a human .... I fall from the sky and hit the what seem's to be the space station or the ground. I take damage.

My next mission is to defeat 2 romulan fleets.... However I can't as a human.... So I, log out then I reach the Server is too Full.....

What's next ?????.....

Common guy's fix this ....

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