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06-24-2013, 08:33 AM
1) Let RR character join a FA to blow up Vulcan

2) can we please exchange our allies' underperforming DOffs on new romulus command.

3) Can we please turn in contraband, prisoners, and dead tribbles on new romulus
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06-26-2013, 10:56 AM
TNG era Romulan pack in the same style as the DS9 etc packs. So you'd get the TNG era Romulan uniforms, a scaling TNG style disruptor pistol, maybe scaling ship disruptor weapons as well, and a few other ods and ends.
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06-26-2013, 04:38 PM
Originally Posted by havam View Post
2) can we please exchange our allies' underperforming DOffs on new romulus command.
I've done that as a romfed.

To start with, the game is in much better condition than it was a few years ago. Lots of small but good improvements.

But the Romulan content is a mixed bag. It did the job of getting my attention and bringing me back for another try but having levelled a few Romulans to 50 and also a Fed now I see a lot of problems. Some of them are easily fixable. Others not so much.

1) Federation fun

As a long-time trekkie there is a certain added joy to playing a Federation character that I don't get from my Romulans. Especially the ships. It's cool to fly around in eg. Voyager. That element is not something you can do much about.

2) Federation have more options

For everything, but especially ships. Obviously the faction is much older so this is understandable but it's also equally understandable that many players will look at what's available and find Romulans severely lacking.

My Romulans are science characters. There's a grand total of 1 science vessel, not including its mirror counterpart which is quite expensive on the exchange. For soloing content escorts are much better and I imagine you see players sticking primarily to them. So I can understand why most of the Romulan ships are escorts.

But it's disappointing to have no options at all, and I see that if I just change factions I can be instantly drowning in them.

3) Romulan ships are too big and not very pretty

I love the D'deridex and Mogai, though those aren't your creations, and I think the T'varo is a sexy little ship. Great job on that one. But after that it goes downhill. The Dhelan is ok but wouldn't win any beauty contests. The others look like B52 inspired monstrosities. The Ha'feh is probably the best of the bunch.

From a gameplay perspective they're annoyingly big. I have to zoom back to see anything and frequently get stuck on other ships in sector space and zoning in to starbases. The D'deridex and the Scimitar were big ships, sure, but I'm not sure that means the Romulans would only make big ships.

Your Federation ships look sleek and sexy. The Romulan ones look large and mean, I assume by design.

4) Romulan trait "Covert" +20% stealth, +10% exploit damage

Why do Romulan characters start with this trait? Unless I'm missing something major only tactical players can stealth. I have the very occasional shroud effect from the Jem'hadar set but otherwise I'm stuck with a trait which primarily benefits another career.

I know all characters get one free trait respec and the content is pretty easy so you could ignore traits entirely and still get by. But having players start with a trait intended for another career just seems really wrong.

5) Cloaking - why bother?

When I started playing the Bridge Officer Veril had the Reman Infiltrator ambush duration bonus for post decloaking built into her Subterfuge trait. I know there were stacking problems of some kind and that may be why it was removed but in theory this meant all players had the 25% post-decloaking damage bonus for 12.5 seconds. Instead we only have 5 seconds. I think that's a problem which could be easily fixed. Put it back.

You're not doing any damage while cloaked and it's very rare in PvE that cloaking has any defensive value. So it currently seems a bit pointless.

6) The semi-faction

Personally I don't mind your implementation of the Romulans as a semi-faction attached to the other two. The story works and it's something kind of new. My guess is this was to avoid having to design all new t1-t4 ships and so that players who have already spent money on those could play Romulans and keep using them? But I think it works.

The problem is that T5 Romulan ship options are extremely limited and for players who would prefer a proper Romulan faction, they're stuck with a Federation or Klingon starbase. Obviously a Romulan starbase option would be nice but if that's regarded as not cost-effective, build some of the starbase functionality into the Romulan embassy and dilithium mines as extra 'projects' so that dedicated Romulan fleets can opt to not build a starbase.
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06-27-2013, 11:30 PM
I'm perfectly fine with the symbiotic faction.

What I'm not fine with is the fact that after selecting a side you're primarily recognized by your ally.

That's ridiculous. My Rom character doesn't even wear a Starfleet Uniform. She wears a Romulan Uniform of the Starfleet allied service. She's a liaison, a Romulan Republic officer that works and collaborates with, not a Starfleet officer, so at no point should she be referred to as such. And in no case is this more prominent than in the Tau Dewa sector patrol. It's completely unacceptable for any Romulan vessel that you encounter to refer to you as anything other or in any other way than as a Romulan republic Vessel...EVER. The worst part is, it's a simple text change. That's a predictable thing. And a small thing that makes a big difference.

And the Romulans we encounter in the Borg mission, Taelus, who is pretty blatantly Tal Shiar, that mission should be radically different for Romulans. That said, I understand that there are already plans to upgrade Federation content and missions, and as that mission "The Return" is a very late Fed mission it might take a while.

Next on my wishlist is pure Romulan DOFFs. I can understand if I were to pick up doffs from Starfleet Academy. That makes sense. But if I'm on New Romulus talking to my Doff contact, I want Romulan Republic Doffs. You can keep it interesting, have some Suliban and even Acamarians in addition to Romulans and Remans. Diplomacy is alright since it's all about opposite faction DOFFs, but we should be able to get Republic doffs. As a matter of fact Romulan specific Colonial chain rewards would be nice too.

But all in all great work thus far and I'm still enjoying Legacy. I'm just hoping and expecting the dev team to continue to separate and diversify the Romulan faction as time goes on, logically as the Republic continues to stabilize and grow they will grow more independent. Perhaps a later mission will provide an option for a Romulan to switch back to a more pure Republic status if they want.
Yes I support This

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06-28-2013, 04:27 PM
well, my1

1. please, give us a tactical DD. Please, dat ship is iconic.
2. Romulan DOFFS!
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10-25-2013, 10:00 AM
Not strictly related to Romulan gameplay, but I'd like to see the Romulan Boffs you can get from the Fleet Embassy be able to have their looks/outfits altered in the tailor, so I can give the Romulan tac officer my Fed captain has a proper Republic or even Starfleet uniform.
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10-25-2013, 11:09 AM
More leniency with the use of the I.R.W. prefix. Because there is nothing left but our dreams...

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10-25-2013, 12:10 PM
I really want the tailor stuff to be fixed.

It all worked well the first few weeks of LoR even though some of the palettes were off, now it's even more bugged.

I think some of the uniform problems are connected to the issue with Romulan BOffs being assigned to an allegiance before they're commissioned.
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10-25-2013, 12:28 PM
29th century romulan uniforms ( the feds and klinks got theirs ).
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10-25-2013, 01:02 PM
well ... i'm short from getting my fleet ha'feh.
but: well, it seems i reached the limit with my ship.

elite fleet disruptors and advanced fleet torpedo.
elite shields, core.
honor guard dish and engines.

and soon the fleet ship.

I don't know, but I feel like we should have more upgrading choices:

something like a second level of upgrading for ships ..
something like a Level II fleet ship...

also: i'd like that EVERY large enough starship have an hangar bay (a non specialized one, that don't allow the player to equip fighters, repair units, frigates and ship specific hangar pets, allowing him to equip only runabouts and shuttles - in the movies every ship has its own hangar bay/s)

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