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I love my Corsair, but I dislike the default dull pale yellow colour scheme it has.
Every single set piece shield makes it looks tons better when they're put on, but with the fleet shield and other non set pieces, it's looks horrible.

Can we please get a veteran skin for Orion ships?
Having patterns/paint schemes would be nice too.

IMO set piece shield skins should be a costume unlock when obtained and you simply choose it from ship tailor like you do with a veterans skin, irregardless of what shield is equipped. But that's perhaps a topic for another thread.
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Devs, need Fleet Orion Marauder and Dacoit please! :-)

Using - Bulwark, Voth Fighter. Favs - Fleet Corsair, Mogh, Bastion, Nicor, JHEC, JAS
Some others - Orion Marauder, Chel Grett, Guramba, Risian Corvette, Risian Cruiser

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