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Hello captains

I have a little problem here. Apart some battles at Kerrat wich didnt went to badly and soem 1 vs 1 encounters im relativly new to PvP.
I treid to get some of my Fleetmates to try it out so we could team up or have some Battles within the Fleet.
Problem is most who tried dont want to play PvP and those who didnt most often dont want to try at all.

Saying its like in most rpgs that PvP is extremly cheesy, pay to win, unbalanced etc.
Some might agree or not. Im not realy qualified to hand out an opinion yet.
But what about softening the learnign curve to some extend.
Those who say its pay to win might try it if a stock loadouts option would be available.
Sure some ships/equipment might still be be better than some other ships/equipment but youd know what your up against.
MAybe without special consoles other than ship specific consoles like the oddy pack or the cloak on the defiant or the siege mode on the gerumba.

Or a limited tech options wich might not allow some consoles , options or whatever to help level the playing field.

somethign along those lines.

Maybe, following those limitations an Era specific PvP gameplay would also be made possible. Like battles in the 23rd Century with techlimits up to mk VIII or something like that.

Whould something like that help PvP to become more common or newbie friendly?
Im willing to settle with a steep learnign curve since im used to it from alot of flightsimulators. But some People are not.
I think it would help the game alot if more plavers would do PvP. It keeps the game interesting beacause its a nice diversion from the grind.

I have played Mechwarrior 4 for a long long time wich was basicly all PvP. And there were a lot of options how to outfit your gear and stuff and it worked for the most part. Sure there were differences in performance but the difference wasnt that huge and it could be overcome without dedicating all your freetime to the game.

How do you guys think about that?
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06-18-2013, 04:02 AM
I'm not an active PvPer but I know many that are.

Its not pay2win really

The best PvP'ers do tend to have the best gear, but that mostly because of their dedication, not their wallet.

PvPers fine-tune their power levels, their skill levels, boff, doff, gear load outs, their keybinds, their timing, and their team work all to kill you as effectively and mercessily as possible.

They have spreadsheets, load out designs, data loggers

they analyze every new power for effectiveness in combination with skill levels and other powers

they are an incredible resource for STO as well as a major pain

but addressing your concern. a significant improvement to the pugged pvp is not allowing team queuing, creating more incentives for normal players to pvp, and improving the queue interface. But I pvphas very low priority, even now the pvp queues are almost hidden, the interface didnt get the revamp like the pve one did and the they have the same dusty maps (custom froundry maps for private matches would be great)
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06-18-2013, 04:08 AM
its normal to get that feeling from ker'rat, and its normal that such a complex game have its flaws, but it is fun after all if you team play
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06-19-2013, 08:12 PM
You dont necessarily win with Pay2win, but it does exist in the game if you refer to 'PAying will achieve some item which is otherwise not obtainable without opening your pocket' Some ppl seem to deny it. There MIGHT be an advantage with 1 console over the other, or 1 ship over the other. Its too complicated to really tell.

It can help in team setups, it can help in 1v1 situations, but in the general rule is that a sturdy and well solid made build with mk xi/xii purple can do just fine is my experience.

Just think about it, pick whatever you can obtain, if you dont want to pay thats that. Try to make the best of it. Most stufff you put on your ship in terms of console these days is cheap universal consoles like plasmonic, iso, etc on your ship and the reputation system consoles anyway.

Full Uni console setup ftw :p

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