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SO hey, I like to dress up my tons..And seeing I play KDF this is a rather difficult trick.

Other then basic costume choices (which relly are pretty bland when you get down to it) here is what the KDF can get/aquire

Vet reward gauntlets, pauldrons, back drapes, belt. Get it automaticly if you pick up a life time membership, otherwise have an active gold level membership for 1000 days to get all the goodies.

Academy uniform pack (C-store)
I love them boots, and for a c-store item its not badly priced. And it mixes and matches with stock parts.

Klingon Honor Guard, Task Force Omega uniforms.
Aquired through a massive rep grind taking a lot of time and effort. Apparently some issues with what can be worn with what, and a somewhat messed up conversion process from the original omega rep sysem. I've stopped doing the rep system it irritated ME so badly.. if its not fun, why do it? I have the Mk XI pieces, I can either "enable armor" visuals,
I can wear the tunic with other uniform parts (which was the one piece of the set I WASN"T INTERESTED IN.. I wanted to be able to wear the boots, gauntlets, pauldrons, balderic, helm, cape all as seperate pieces.. Very dissapointed in this particular reward.. Oh, and you STILL HAVE to actually GET the armor pieces to get the costume unlock I do belive.

Romulan Embasy Uniform. (Rep system)
Haven't tried for it myself because I hear that its bugged KDF side. Likely because its considered off duty wear, and KDF does not yet HAVE off duty wear.. I understand that this is in progress of being revised and in the VERY near future KDF will have off duty clothing/costumage to choose from. I'm guessing the Risa summer event has something to do with that.. Be seeing Klingons in Aloha shirts, lie's and bermuda shorts and sandles.. Oh god, no speedo's please... some child will insist on flesh colored just to be slightly obsene..

Korath uniform.. (Lobi Store)
Don't have, and don't see many people wearing... I'm told that the pieces aren't descrete and wearable with other items..

Temporal jumpsuit. (Lobi Store)
I see this a lot, primarily the pants. Female toons use it as striped leggings.

Warriors Skirt, decorated and non decorated (Lobi store)
Very popular, very sharp looking..limited color palette.. looks its best under subdued lighting such as at drozana where the metal bits can glint and shine. Highly recommended item for KDF female toons.

Bortas'qu Uniform (tier 3/4 Fleet Tailor... call it 12k Dilithium and 20k fleet credits)
Ok, while having a somewhat limited KDF color palatte this uniform SHINES! All pieces are descrete, though there are clipping issues with the belt. It looks very very sharp.. the boots are amazing, and the gauntlets with thier demi glove are fantastic. The tunic has a marvelous stand up military collar that looks fantastic (leave your KDF neck piece at home.. don't need it or want it with this tunic) 5 piece uniform that can be mixed and matched with normal and purchased pieces.. other the rep gear apparently.

Winter event jackets (special event) and upcoming summer event clothing unlocks
The fixed color jackets have problems from the KDF perspective due to being absolutly uncostomizable in thier colors... The white jacket isn't white nuff, the black, not black nuff. The Brown at least can be worn with the KDF color palatte as its primary coloring is a medium brown with olive green panels and can be very very sharp looking with the right pieces selected for the rest of the uniform. The belts for the winter event jackets look like something the UPS guy should be wearing to protect thier lower back.. And they ride to high if your wearing a warriors skirt. Trim area's on these should have been made cusomizable.

Recent changes after the Romulan expansion.

Hair: Klingon males and females got braided hair.. *thumbs up* did not get the hair after you take the braids out (BIG hair) *thumbs down*

Orion females: Got another pony tail style that looks so much like one of the existing ones that I can really tell it apart. Should have been given the new "elegent hair" option (romulans should have been given that one too) And also could use a BIG hair option. *BIG thumbs down on this one*
Orion males: I don't know, I don't have any orion males.. thier in a minority.. understandable with so many male players of STO who know the lore.. After all, who want to play a gender/race that everyone knows is a slave to thier species other gender? No, don't go there, I don't want to know!

I don't know what happened clothing apearence wise with the ither KDF races, so please if you know, add in what you know.. keep if strait up as good/bad, what changes etc.

Costume Changes KDF.
KDF Characters can now wear the Mercenary set belt from the C-store (hopefully when the off duty stuff happens KDF gets access to the other off duty clothing previously restricted to Fed only characters. Should open up the formal and merc sets.

Looking forward to this.. Klingon men look awesome in a Tux! Hell, and of the male toons look good in a tux... Gorn's in tux's now THATS going to be interesting!

Big and OLD complaint. Orions female being unable to wear boots with the bare leg options. As the Ultimate Sexy Beyond all reason and understanding females of the galaxy you DARE TO LIMIT THIER WARDROBE?????

Even the feds should be upset about this (some of our best customers!), and, Not all orions went over to the Empire. Orions should be a race option for Federation faction.

Ok, well, thats everything.. Love to hear from a dev on this post. can be short and to the point Like "yep we know working on it","hey we didn't think of that" ,"sorry, stuck with it, thats the way it is", to "Keep dreaming phaser brain!"


Khemaraa sends.

Added: Romulans in KDF service can apparently BUY the Bort uniform from a KDF Fleet tailor but cannot WEAR any of the uniform. Found this out from someone else... THIS REALLY STINKS! (I want the gaunlets and boots ...especially the gauntlets for one of my KDF Romulan outfits.)

*sigh* fed side, everything pretty much works, Red side.. NOT everything works, Obscure limitations on what can be worn with what. Customization bugs like crazy as far as color selection.. especially when it comes to Fore arm bracers..

Want an option to wear a federation tunic over one shoulder like Jochim did in Wrath of Kahn, Draggon style, a "Prize of War".. I'd definatly wear 'em on my female toons.. damd cocky in your face warrior look...*snickers*
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The Korath uniform parts can be mixed-and-matched with other uniform pieces, although there are sometimes clipping issues when doing so (particularly with other belts and the Korath coat). And not all combinations are possible- the boots appear in the options with most pants but not with skirts, the gauntlets can only be used with certain tops, etc. And the sash doesn't look right on females where it goes over the shoulder.

Altogether it's not a bad looking uniform, just extremely expensive, and slightly unfinished.

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