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So before, the terminal in new romulus command wasn't accepting romulan doffs for tradeins, but would accept my allied doffs (KDF), and would reward allied doffs. Now, after the patch, it will not accept allied doffs, will only accept romulan doffs, and rewards romulan doffs. (Except civillians, it will accept either faction it seems.)

This is still extremely clunky, especially since other mission rewards include mostly allied doffs. There should be no distinction made on the tradeins, only the output - just like how it is for the racial ambassador trade in missions. If you want romulan doffs, you go to the romulan terminal. You want a random kdf, the imperial officer. Naussican - that guy... and so on. You dont have to trade in naussican's to get a naussican doff.

Please fix it so it operates logically and just like the other systems already in place.
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06-21-2013, 04:27 AM

ive just traded 20 rom common doff for 4 uncommon why has it given me KDF Doff i wont Rommy Doff not KDF for my trade in on new rom all so it would not let me use my KDF common
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