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06-19-2013, 10:33 AM
iv got a large post for this ship in my help thread, linked in my sig
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06-19-2013, 11:27 AM
I think maybe resilient would be a better shield choice, if you can keep your exposure down, the reduction in bleedthrough helps, I'll second the call for an additional shield gennie as well-you need to toughen up your defensive side or you're going to be easy prey. (this may not be the best advice-I run resilient because I run BoPs, which have tinfoil hulls and narrow engagement envelopes-if you can't get clear in a BoP before the other guy chews through your shield...)

Not that, as a BoP player, I don't LIKE easy prey, but you'll hae more fun if you're not spending most of the match in respawn.

I'd second the call to drop one of your TT1's for offense, and swapping an ability for APD to couple with your APO. (if not APB-it makes your opponent WASTE a tac team to clear!)
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06-20-2013, 04:14 AM
Originally Posted by havam View Post
your build has an essential weakness. You have only 50% uptime of your eptx skills. Any seasoned pilot will just wait for your shields resists to go on cd and indeed melt them like butter. Either use two copies of epts, or switch bfi doffs for DMg control doffs. ( you can make a pupils one from the replicator after reaching t4 in engineering)

I would switch either crf1 or csv1 for apd/b. just to make better use of you attack pattern doffs.

Overall the build is still solid, assuming that you want to stay all cannon. But toros or BO might be something to consider for better bursts.

Best thing to do: join organizedpvp chat channel in game and ask around. The build only gets you so far. To provide you with better feedback one would need to see you in action to get a sense of piloting, timing, etc.

I prefer resilient fleet shields, but many use covariant. Do you redistribute your shields? How? Manually, space bar bind ...
I redistribue shields thro key bind... I'll switch the csv1 for apb, why resilient and covaiant fleet shields?
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06-20-2013, 04:20 AM
Originally Posted by fonz71 View Post
as the other fellows mentioned, your build does look pretty solid other than the lack of ep2s rotation. u could try 2 copies of that instead.

also, timing is very important. knowing when to pop your alpha and when to use your resists is crucial. one thing that may help you are key binds, specifically binding your distribute shields to your space bar or some such.

here is a guide for that... http://hilbertguide.com/

one other thing i might suggest is the fleet patrol escort, in my opinion it is one of the toughest and easy ships to get.

beyond that, practice makes you better!! keep it up!

have fun kill bad guys

looking again, i would change your sci to he1 and tss2, also it looks as though you have 3 cannon abilities, when 2 is all that is needed, try an attack pattern beta. crf is preferred for pvp over scatter imho
thanks for the help I do use key binds and I'll look at two copys of Eps2 and he1 and tss2
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06-20-2013, 05:05 AM
Originally Posted by osirisraa View Post
I been playing very hard for about a year to get the set up listed below and am now ready to jump into PvP. I'm noticing that it seems like I'm a total newb and have really been getting my butt handed to me in PvP. I normally crit with this set up commonly for 8 k to 12 k damage but in PvP it seems if I'm lucking to crit for 800 and 1200 damage. I seem to have trouble just getting past a shield facing (with a dps escort build no less) when players seem to cut thro my 2 very rare shield gens mk xii and my elite fleet shield like there not even there... Whats going on? and what am I doing wrong? I have noticed that i'm laggy in battles because of my internet any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Captain: Tactical Flying a Tier 4 Fleet Advanced Escort


Fore Guns: Ad Fleet DHC mk xii [acc]x2 [dmg]x2 {X4}
Defector: Aegis
Engine: Aegis
Shield: Elite fleet adaptive covariant mk xii capx2 res Adapt
rear: Ad fleet turrts mk xii [acc]x2 [dmg]x2 {X2} Cutting Beam
Engineering consoles: assimilated module Neutronium alloy
Science: Tachyokinetic converter Field Gen MK xii very rare, Zero point Energy conduit
Tactical: Phaser Relay mk xii very rare X5

Boff abilitys

APO3, CRF2, APD1, and TT1
BO1 or HY1 or TS1
EPtW1/E1 EPtS2

Starship Attack Patterns = MAX
Starship weapons training = MAX
Driver coil = MAX
Starship Hull repair = MAX
Starship Shield Emitters = MAX
Starship Energy Weapons = MAX
Structural Integrity = MAX
Ship Warp Cor effciency = 3
Ship Shield Systems = MAX
Maneuvare= MAX
Targeting = MAX
Impules thrusters = MAX
Warp Core Poetential = 6
Engine Performance = 3
Hull plating = 3
Thread control = 6

Shield Performance = 3
Energy Weapon Specaialzation = MAX
Starshp Weapon Performance = MAX
power insultors = 6
Elector plama = 6
Inertial dampeners = 6
subspace decompiler = 6 (because of VM1)

2 damage control engineers
2 beta delta omega recharge.
1 system engineer
I made the changes green.

Like some have already mentioned, you need to have (almost) full uptime of EptS. LT version gives 20% resists. The aegis set is good for escorts, because of the defensive setting. The engine is a hyper one, so good with your high speed/power. Your LTC sci is begging for viral matrix, hence the points in subspace decompiler.

Your 3rd TT is really obsolete. You can equip a beam overload. Even with a beam aray equiped on back it gives a nice punch. Other options is the omega torp with HY (which will give you also the omega weapons amplifier bonus or even the 3rd piece heal) or a quantum torp. If you want have some control, shoot chroniton torpedo spreads from your behind

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06-20-2013, 05:08 AM
Originally Posted by redricky View Post
You have no tractor beam. Make this one change before you do anything else: watch your targets for holes in their APO/PH rotation, then tractor them and unload your alpha.

Now, the flip side is that you only have APO. You want only 2 AP doffs but drop the CRF1 for APD1. Pair APD with PH. Activating APD will reduce APO's cd. This will give you a smaller window of vulnerability to TB as you cycle APO and APD+PH.

Photonic Officer is complete ****. It's a relic piece of code from before the days when cooldowns get so regularly smashed. The worst part about it is that when it expires the extra time gets added back on to the abilities.

There's lots of other good choices, I look at that LtC Sci slot as something that rotates based on what's going on in the match.
What does PH mean?
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06-20-2013, 05:13 AM
PH = polarize hull.

Aside to tractor beam immunity it gives great hull resist

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06-20-2013, 06:34 AM
Originally Posted by lordmalak1 View Post
No armour at all, and a covariant shield without an emitter amp ? What warp core are you using, and what are you power levels set at ?

You've got a massive shield with a slow recharge and one shield buff. From what I see your going to have problems keeping that shield config charged, and when it goes down there's nothing to protect the hull.

From this rookies POV, I see a bit too much put into offense and not enough defense.

I agree with this, as a tac i hate covariant shields, i use reselient, either elite fleet, or maco, i always have one armor alloy on, occasinally will run 2.

You also have 2 high powered consoles that increase your already high shield cap with a covariant yet your a tac, you have not the boff abilities to continually heal such a large cap, how much is your cap? I have 1 sci slot on my escort, sometimes i dont even use a shield cap console, and if i do with my elite fleet shields im only at 9300 cap. What items do you use, if you dont have subspace field modulator, try using one, gives you damage resist and bonus defense. Also switch your alloys for what you know your fighting against, course pugging it in arena your wont be sure what energy weps are being used so neutronium is the safe bet. Although i noticed more peeps are using disruptors.

As for your damage output, ive had the same happen to me and i fly a bug, using all mark XII purple DHCs with at least accx2 or higher, 5 mark XII purple polaron tac consoles, tach converter, borg universal, plasmonic leech, one alloy, and either rom zero point or shield cap console in sci,,usually run 2 turrets and either tach mines, or tractor mines, and at times i have problems getting through shields, but as the others suggested its the timing that matters, you have to pop the alpha when their defense is on CD.

Sry to you whom i responded part of this was meant for the op.
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06-20-2013, 06:40 AM
oh by the way as someone pointed out reselient has less bleedthrough on the hull as well as higher regen then covariant.

Personally i wouldnt use covariant unless i was in some massive tank/healer ship where i had the ability to heal 15k plus cap strength easily.
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06-20-2013, 06:51 AM
You have an excellent set up except for just a few small things. Now I know it's difficult to know who to listen to here on the forums but everyone I help train in game I always advise to try different set ups and find what works for you. Also I know personally that PvP can be an eye opener to someone just starting out with it but would also say don't get discouraged, it takes time, practice and knowledge to excel.

Now im surprised no1 mentioned it but you should run EPTS and RSP in engineering station. With the 2 damage control doffs you'll keep near 100% up time on your EPTS but it's not enough. The RSP is an emergency "oh crap" ability that can save your ship when you've got nothing left. There are many good to great players/teams out there and they will get through to your hull I can assure you.

I'd also switch out for the Aegis set for the borg deflector and engines as the hull proc adds another hull heal that comes in handy in PvP.

Science station is where you need to find your own way. This is where this ship shines and there are many different combinations you could take advantage of both defensively and offensively. Example of a defensive set is PH, HE2, TSS3...offensive HE1,TSS2, TBRepulsors or PSW or VM.

Tac you're good with right now and any changes you could make would be for a change of tactics, which leads me to my next topic...

Practice and tactics.

Having a great set up is 1 thing but knowing how to use it is another. You need to know when to use your abilities and how to counter what your opponent is doing. You have to be able to read the abilities your opponent is activating then counter while being mindful of what else they have in reserve as well as yourself. NOT EASY. And takes alot of practice. Learn what each ability does and what counters it.

I recommend doing 1vs1's, going to Kerrat, Arenas and cap n holds and being mindful of what others are doing. Also try to find people who are willing to help you by fighting with you and against you. This will help you gain further knowledge and experience. We learn more from defeats than victories.

You can hit me up in game anytime you want @Edalgo.


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