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06-20-2013, 04:55 PM
Originally Posted by ghostsofwar116 View Post
-Start Rant-

What i find funny, is everyone is talking about how the small fleets are dying, and how Cryptic is forcing us to pay money to expand our fleets quickly, and so on and so forth....

Then explain why my Fleet (about 50-ish members mind you) has a tier 3 fabricator, tier 3 shipyard, tier 3 comms array, a tier 2 starbase (which will be upgraded to tier 3 after we finish the ship costume thing for the starbase) and a tier 2 embassy. It seems to me that my small fleet is doing fine. So your "Small fleets are dying" statement is unfounded.

Also there is an easy way for a new small 25 - 30 person fleet to be able to expand quickly. It simple, do this new mine, and work on the embassy till you get the broker for the tier 2 embassy, there you have a discount on the Dilithium and you get a discount on things such as industrial replicators and such.... which can be every helpful.

So small fleets are not dying, in fact Cryptic is helping small fleets by giving them a way to build at a discount. Oh and another thing, if you don't want to pay for anything you don't have to, just stop ******** about "It takes to long for my fleet to advance and expand our levels." There is an easy solution to that, have everyone just pitch in 20 bucks worth of zen.... at current market prices 2,000 at 113 Dilithium per is 226,000 Dilithium you times that by say 15 members that is an astounding 3,390,000 Dilithium. That much Dilithium is enough to get you a completely functional tier 3 starbase (Tier 3 shipyard, Tier 3 Transwarp, Tier 3 Fabricator, Tier 3 Comms Array) and it gives you enough left over to get to a Tier 1 embassy provided you are sitting at the production point of moving on to the next tier.

I mean, I know this is going to sound crazy, but if you have 15 members doing their max amount of Dilith mining just once, you have enough to fill out the Tier 1 Starbase.

-End Rant-

Thanks for taking the time to read or skim this!
You proabably misunderstand the OP - to him '50 people' is a LARGE fleet. I'll bet he wants his personal Fleet of 3 Alts to be able to get to Tier 5 /Tier 3/Tier 3 as fast as a 500 person fleet.
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06-21-2013, 05:39 AM
Yes, if you're a small fleet it's a pain. Yes, it can take a long time. Yes, if you buy your dil with zen it's expensive and yes, if there aren't many of you in your fleet it means spending most of your time grinding for the base.

Ok. Since there is and always has been a lot of QQ on the forums about all this and how it's killing fleets and whatever, let's stay with that point right there and ask a few very simple questions.

What were fleets for BEFORE the bases? What on Earth did they all DO with no fleet gear to grind for or fleet projects to fill up? What in heaven's name was the point in a community that helped its members to enjoy the game more by grouping together for STF's and the like?

Why do you have your small and apparently dying fleet? Is it for the gear? So you can be boss? Or is it for the people in it?

Why are most of your members in your small fleet? Is it because they like the company? Because it has a groovy name? Or is it for the gear?

The grind isn't killing small fleets at all. That is utter nonsense and I call it as such. What's killing small fleets is outright impatience. If they're even being killed at all.... As far as I'm concerned, if you are in a fleet or have a fleet solely for the gear, then um... there are many many many larger fleets who are further along the process than others. Oh... wait... they ask you to contribute before you use the resources they earned through contributions.... and so my post goes back to where it started.....

Of course we all want the best gear. Let's be honest about that. But if your fleet is gear acquisition based and not community based then... WTF is the point in it? Join a big one and contribute to that to get your fleet store access and gear. Believe me, it will get you what you want a hell of a lot quicker than grinding you fleet holdings to T5 with a small group.

Or better still, get your hands on a few million EC and just buy fleet store access from a T5 fleet. Instapaytowin

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