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During the map called "Cold Reception" of "The Ultimate Klingon" series of missions I will start out on the surface and play for a bit. Soon my weapons start flickering and I lose the ability to enter aim mode. I will get all the way to the main facility and then suddenly I will have my weapons rapidly swapping back and forth between my main and off weapons. If THAT doesn't occur then I will defeat 1 or 2 groups near the beginning and then I simply appear to be falling and falling in an endless white sky with my BOs until my weapons start swapping. In both instances this weapon swapping will last for a little bit and then I get a blue screen on my machine and I have a physical memory dump.

This ONLY occurs during THIS mission and it only happens on the ice surface. I can do it again and again. This is my 3rd time through. I have verified my files through a forced verify 2 times now and the CRC checker hasn't found anything wrong...or at least hasn't messaged that it has.

I have, before the Jan-20-2010 patch completed this mission with no incident with 2 characters in CB. It is only with the current game build that this occurs. In addition I have not come across this issue on any other map.

Anyone else getting this error?

EDIT: I didn't know where to post this so it is in 2 places. Sorry.
Lt. Commander
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01-21-2010, 07:50 PM
I have had the blue screen problem with the mission in Alpha Centauri where you must take the Admiral aboard a Romulan space station. On separate missions I have also encountered the weapons swapping bug of which you speak.
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01-22-2010, 03:08 AM
I have now done the same mission on someone else's machine and gotten the same result. I logged in on my brother's machine and the moment I either switch weapons OR engage the "aim" function I will blue screen, so it isn't machine specific.

After the patch tonight I ran it without the use of my off hand weapon or the aim function and made it past that section. upon getting to the next part my functionality returned to normal.

It is that one map so far.

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