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Are you looking for an active fleet that will help you level up low level characters? Looking for fun past level 50 while doing your daily grind? Omega Primary Brotherhood can help. We have a dedicated Teamspeak server with a helpdesk that is extremely active and we play STO to have fun and a good time. We are both US and EU based so all timezones are catered for and we offer help when it comes to ship and character set ups to suit your needs. Our main website has builds for ships on it that we have tried and tested in elite stf's and the borg get bbq'd every time!

If Interested send me a PM and we can get you an invite!

We also have a Federation fleet that we can do joint STF's on

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06-21-2013, 04:37 AM
One great fleet at Tier 4 so this not some low level fleet.

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