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Hey there,

I am having an issue where I get extreme levels of FPS drop during certain enemy abilities in ground combat. For example, when Hirogen cloak my FPS slows to the single digits until the animation is finished. The same is true of something (can't tell what it is) during Nukara Prime: Self Destructive Tendencies. I am not sure what could be causing this very specific frame rate murder but would love some suggestions!

I have a NVIDIA GTX 690 card, 12g RAM, intel i7 965 Extreme CPU and play with max settings, windowed maximized, in 2560 x 1600 and have absolutely perfect FPS at all other times and no issues in other games.

I have tried testing these issues on my laptop though and I do not have them there. My laptop has an intel i7 3290XM CPU, 8g RAM, and an AMD 7970M card. I tested with 1920 x 1080, windowed maximized, and maximum settings.

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