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Here's the story of how I got screwed out of my Captain rank ship. I'm posting it here because trying to get a GM has proved fruitless.

I just came back to the game after having been gone for a little over 3 years. One of the reasons I left was the (at the time) utter lack of content for Klingon players. Now of course there is a ton of things to do as a Klingon besides pvp and I'm quite happy about that, so I started questing. Mind you, I have two Klingon faction characters, one is already max level and this is the other one.

I started the quest line for Klingons and was on Rura Penthe when, in the middle of fighting, I dinged as a Captain. Normally, you confirm in a dialog box to go see J'mpok when getting a promotion to a new rank, but as I was actively in a fight, the box popped up then disappeared. It did not get minimized, it went away. I stressed out for a few hours trying to continue the quest to see if it would somehow trigger J'mpok, but it didn't. I went to the shipyard at Qo'nos, I tried talking to J'mpok, nothing worked.

Finally, I decided to do the quest "Temporal Ambassador" because it is a quick quest, even though the ship you get is only Tier 3 and not really a help to me as Captain rank. I complete the quest and when I opened the quest reward box to get the ship (I pre-ordered the collector's edition back in the day so already have the TOS uniforms) all of sudden the J'mpok dialog comes up and I confirm it in my quest log. Yay! Wrong.

Now in the quest log, it is updated with checkmarks of me having received my new ship for becoming a Captain. The promotion quest took my receiving a ship from the "Temporal Ambassador" quest as having completed its requirements. No ship token at the shipyard to receive a new ship, the game still thinks it gave me a new ship for my promotion.

So now I'm a Captain with only a Tier 3 Bird of Prey and a Tier 3 cruiser. This is a giant problem in that I can't really advance this character now, at least not without extreme difficulty in using an inferior ship and HOPING that when I reach Brigadier General on this character that this somehow doesn't happen again.

I don't have a paid account now, I can't afford it, and I also can't spend real money to get a ship from the C-Store (especially not for a ship lower than Tier 5) nor can I buy keys in the vain hope of getting a ship from a Tal Shiar lockbox.

The final kicker is that, just a guess, I don't think there is a such thing as a GM for Star Trek Online anymore, probably ever since the game went free to play. My guess is based on having a ticket in for almost the week that I've been back for simply not having a Bat'leth trophy to put on a shelf in my ship's mess hall. I've had no responses for that, and I've had no responses for this far bigger issue.

So, I posted here in what most likely also will be a vain attempt to get help with in-game issues, although this time it is far more serious of a problem. If any devs read this, I do hope you will try to help me out.
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06-21-2013, 06:30 PM
Submit a ticket and you ay want to look in your quest log to see what is avaible or undone.That shipw will do you till you reach lvl 40.
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Sorry that happened. Hey about that bat'leth at first I thought I didn't get mine either, but eventually I found in Trophy Setup I had to select "Floor" and then...oh shoot then something else...and then there was the list of the 3 bat'leths I had won and I could choose it. Hope that helps!
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06-22-2013, 05:09 AM
Thanks for the replies folks. I'll look into the trophy thing again.

As far as checking the quest log thoroughly, I did. The quest log clearly states it gave me a ship, which is false, as the ship I received was from the "Temporal Ambassador" quest and NOT the promotion quest.

Normally I would go to the shipyard to the ship and shuttle dealer, plug in my rank and it would show me the ships I could choose from for that rank, and also show that I had a token to spend for the ship of my choice. This hasn't happened, there are no tokens and all the Captain rank ships cost 80,000 dilithium.
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06-24-2013, 11:31 AM
Out of the blue yesterday, I got *re-promoted* to Commander...which I had been promoted to in March of 2010 when I was last playing (according to the character's log). After getting that, I got promoted to Captain and finally received the ship...30+ hours later.

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