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I remember long ago, way back when this whole Duty Officer System was new, that there was supposed to be this handy addition to the system which managed the departments within your given starship.

We do have something similar to this in the game now, but I remember that it was supposed to be much more interactive. Wasn't it supposed to be more than this simple put flag officer into slot system that we do have instead. If I remember correctly they actually named it as an additional system that worked within the duty officer system called the "First Officer System".

What ever happened to that thing?

It's been a while since Heretic left now, and I do know he did say it was not ever finished before he left. but, didn't he also say that he hoped that one day someone on the team would pick it up and run from where he originally planed for it. he explained in quite detail and I'm not entirely sure if that explanation was still somewhere to be dug up here on the forums. but, wouldn't it be nice to at least hear some official word on it?

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A while ago, it was elaborated on this:

A sub-system within the game, STFs, PvP, DuOff's, Reputation... They are all "owned" by a specific developer who takes responsibility for that system and maintains it, gets new ideas and expands it.

With Heretic gone, DuOffs has no owner, and it seems that no one has taken over.. As such the system is stuck where it is now, untill someone has the .... to take it over.
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First Officer was not part of the DOFF system, it was something that come out as part of the Departments but was not directly part of the DOFF system (as Departments Heads just give bad advice on DOFFs to use).

First Officer only had some ideas being mentioned, like giving some abilities (Tactical BO as first officer maybe granting "Fire on my Mark") and the whole First Officer as Captain that I taken as using the First Officer to lead Away Teams.

I suppose it never materialized because giving abilities would perhaps mean Tactical Captains with Subnuclear Beam or Sensor Scan or RSF ... you can see where I am going as "playing as First Officer" would require a substantial rework of Bridge Officers, down to abilities since I suppose all ground abilities would have to be "kit based", simply its something that if done it should not be part of the Duty Officer system that is fine (serious, I know they want to change it but please dont because its the most functional part of the game and dont fix what is not broken) but a overhaul of the Bridge Officers to work a bit more like Captains do as far Ground is concerned and that would have to be along with changes in Ground Kits.
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06-23-2013, 12:01 AM
Heretic also originally had plans to allow BOffs to consume DOffs for (permanent, I think) buffs. That idea ended up as the active duty roster instead, more or less, and I think the original idea is dead at this point.

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