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Okay, I have two monitors on my comp. The primary monitor is a typical 18.5" 5:4 display; the secondary is my Samsung HDTV running on DVI/HDMI at 1360x768. My vid card is a GeForce 8500GT, running the drivers that were *just* released (196-point-something, there's a thread about it here).

I very much prefer the game to run on the TV, in fullscreen. However, it always opens on the primary monitor, regardless of where it was when it was last closed.

Windows 7 (probably Vista too, but I'm not sure) has a keyboard shortcut for moving a program between monitors -- Shift + WinKey + [RightArrow or LeftArrow, depending on monitor's relative position] -- but using this when the game is running in fullscreen doesn't work. Telling it to move to the TV just puts up a blank black box on the TV, and possibly moves the input detection over there (not sure); but the game video remains on the primary screen.

Attempting to use the key shortcut to move it back causes the game to crash. This is incredibly annoying, as it forces me to run the game windowed, which to me is just a waste of available screen space. Please fix this!

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