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We have a Starfleet Fleet (larger) and a Klingon Fleet (smaller).
Our Fleet is small, casual, drama free, and consists of mature players.
We are looking for any players looking for a Fleet with very few demands.
Both our Starfleet Fleet and our Klingon Fleet welcome Romulans.
We would like our members to be active, and also to help us build up our Starbases, Embassy, etc....but we do not require it.
If you are looking to join a Fleet and empty out the Fleet bank, this is not the Fleet for you so move along.
We help new members with advice and gear, I especially like to use my hard earned ingame money to assist new players to get them geared up well so that they can have fun playing with our Fleet, not busting their butts, feeling like they can't advance.
If interested post in this discussion that you are interested in joining us AND send me ingame mail. Once I accept your request we can discuss getting you invited to our Fleet.

ingame I am Brain@justwanttobe (Federation side)

Brainiac@justwanttobe (Klingon side)

Our website:

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