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I know several ships have unique universal consoles and other consoles are available through the lobi store or reputation system. Does anyone run a ship with numerous universal consoles? I know damage output and defense wouldn't be as high as a ship that has a proper build.
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06-22-2013, 07:32 PM
not that I know of closest is a bop with 3 of each class and uni bridge slots
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06-22-2013, 08:08 PM
While leveling on my Romulan, I used all the consoles from the LoR pack. Just mostly because I wasn't bothering to fill all the console slots with appropriate gear on the way up.

Most of the time it was fun and I had lots of powers to play with. But as soon as I got to T4, I went all consoles with all tac slot fill with the correct dmg of choice boost. I just found the lack of DPS punch annoying levels 35-50. I have used builds with all tac slots as you would expect and 1 or 2 engineer consoles, but the rest special consoles. Like 4-6 special consoles including the leech one.

It is fun and I can do well in ESTF's. I can kill a cube solo and hold the drones in Kitomer ESTF at the same time in my advanced D'Deridex. It technically is only like 50/50 Universal console and regular ones. But it is fun even though it is not optimal.

I would say you can get away with less defense, but you have to have the damage boosting tac consoles or you just won't do enough damage.

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06-22-2013, 08:20 PM
Originally Posted by hayabusafury View Post
I would say you can get away with less defense, but you have to have the damage boosting tac consoles or you just won't do enough damage.
This. After all, defense comes mostly from your abilities and playstyle, the consoles never have that huge an impact, but they can make a big difference to the damage output of your weapons. My current Vesta build actually uses 5 universal consoles, plus 4 tac consoles and an Embassy particle gen, you can see it here:
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06-22-2013, 09:44 PM
Depends on the ship - usually all my tac slots will have damage type consoles, but on several characters/ships all the rest are taken up by universals. On occasion I will use a universal in a tac slot or two if there is something I really need added to the setup, but generally every slot save tac slots are used for universal consoles.

I suppose I can envision a torpedo build or two using all universals, but I think it would be very limited use or pure cheese setup.

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06-23-2013, 09:49 AM
Not quite ALL universal but close. On my Neb I've run quite a few at once including Point Defense, Isometric Charge, Theta Radiation, TachyoKinetic, Zero Point, and Assimilated Module.

It certainly filled up my hotkey toolbar ..
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06-24-2013, 12:31 PM
Unless you want to do less damage on purpose, NEVER NEVER use anything other than +% energy weapon damage consoles in tactical console slots.

ONLY use torpedo damage consoles if you are a 100% torpedo boat.

ONLY match the type of damage you do, so if you use antiproton damage, every tactical console slot is antiproton mag accelerators, the highest quality you can afford. Don't bother with the "+x% beam damage" or "+x% cannon damage" console, only the damage type, since you are using all the same damage type for every energy weapon... right?

Anything else is *severely* reducing your damage output. This isn't "my opinion" or "one player's perspective", this is simple, cold hard math.

Science, and then engineering is where universal consoles belong. Science gets its embassy console, the rest universals, then if I have room left over with filling out engineering, then you can use other engineering consoles, like armors (neutronium is the best all around choice, electroceramic is good for STF's, etc)

Then again, if you don't want to do any meaningful damage, or help your team get the optional, or do anything other than make pretty lights come out of your spaceship, then you can put whatever you want in tactical console slots.
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06-24-2013, 12:50 PM
If you don't count Disruptor Coils in the tac slots, all my TVaro consoles are uni consoles.

6 non-tac consoles:

The 2 TVaro consoles
The T3 Valdore console
Plasmonic leech
The singularity inverter thing (T2 Dhelan console)
The Borg rep console
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