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Perfect world/Cryptic,

The issue I bring forward, currently, is when assigning under preforming duty officers, one can only choose Romulan faction duty officers. However, in contrast, when the new duty officer is collected (5:1 ratio), the new higher quality duty officer can be any species within the Romulan alined faction (Federation/Klingon). Thus, the newly received officer is not only outside of the Romulan faction (which one had to use to trade), but worse, it cannot be used as a duty officer to reassign, as an under preforming duty officer!

What would be ideal is if you could assign all under preforming duty officer cards, within the respected alined Romulan faction, regardless of species, and receive a Romulan faction improved duty officer. Apart form this, what would be realistic is allowing a mixture of faction alined duty officer species cards put in, and randomly giving one of these duty officer species out in return.

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