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# 1 KDF or Romulan
06-23-2013, 02:41 AM
Ok so I want to create a new tactical character.
I have a science KDF officer and a romulan allied with feds, but
I don't like the science career that much.
So my question is should I create a tactical KDF or a tac romulan allied
With the Kdf ?.
I think the Kdf ships are better than the romulan ships,
Especially the Borta's, siege destroyer and kar' fi carrier.
But I don't know, there is something about the romulans that
I like, but I think their ships are weak.
So help me decide what path should I take.
Thank you.
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06-23-2013, 03:00 AM
I would go KDF Tactical as you also have more ship variety (Raptors, Bird of Prey and even some Battlecruisers are good for tacticals). Romulan ships currently are very limited with the Mogai and T'Varo refit being the only viable ships I have seen, though I must admit after getting through the Romulan unique missions I say no reason to move any further due to it just being the same missions as KDF/FED.

Plus currently the dilithium dailies aren't playable by Romulans so you'll get more out of the KDF.
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