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Recommend Equipment for Tactical Captain in Mirror Universe Assault Cruiser, Rank: rear admiral lower half. Please can I have some recommendations or advice.
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07-06-2013, 01:40 AM
3 Beams, 1 Torpedo Fore and Aft. Just make sure their all the same Energy type. Torpedoes don't matter.

2 Neutonium, 1 Monotanium, 1 Borg Console/RCS
2 Consoles that boost shields
3 Consoles that boost the beams you run.

Tac Stations
Tac Team 1 > Beam Fire at Will 2 or Attack Pattern: Beta 1.
Tac Team 1

Fire at Will may be of more use fighting multiple targets or fighting Tholians, Fire at will breaks you out of nets quick.

Eng Stations
Emergency Power to Shields > Reverse Shield Polarity > Auxillery to Structural Integratity Field > Eject Warp Plasma
Emergency Power to Shields > Emergency power to Weapons > Directed Energy Modulation

Sci Stations
Polarise Hull > Hazard Emitters

Deflector, Shield, Warp Core and Engine will have little effect until you get a set or fleet gear. Jem'hadar set is decent, and gives you a small boost if your running Polaron beams.

Cheap and effective, does not rely on DOFFs or anything that needs to be ground out with Reputation.

Yes you could run 2 Purple Conn Officers (Remember to read what they do there is more than one type) to lower the cooldown of Tac Team and you'd need one copy. You could get some Technicians and Run an Aux to Battery build.

I know nothing about your character, skill set or play style. This is the standard configuration for an Assualt Cruiser. It doesn't require any Fleet gear or reputations, it doesn't need Dilithium just some EC to get at least Mk X whites off the exchange.

There are far far better builds out there, it goes without saying but to use them you will need quite a bit of EC where as this one is cheap. Searching for Assault Cruiser builds will be a little difficult as the Assault Retrofit and Fleet Assault are more popular ships. I like the old Assault Cruisers but the Retrofit is much better and comes with a fantastic Torpedo and the Fleet is 10% better again.
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Join Date: Feb 2013
Posts: 4
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07-06-2013, 04:39 AM
Thanks for the advice, I'll have to look into jem'hadar set as I use polaron beams.
As for my play style, it's pretty much , try not to die.

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