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06-29-2013, 01:00 PM
I have been gone from STO for quite a while, now that i am back i am looking to upgrade my outdated ship equipment and characters to the changing times. I'm not sure if this the correct place to post but here it goes. I am looking for a fleet that would be willing to help me obtain the Yellowstone runabout (elite danube's) from the fleet system. I currently am not in a fleet and am looking for one as well. Every day i get random fleet invites on all of my characters, if somebody would just take the time to talk to me about a fleet i would prolly accept, but these random invites are annoying and irritating, so i might as well get myself into a fleet i like instead of a fleet that random invites :/. If anyone out there is able to give me some more info about the Yellowstones, and discuss with me how to get them, it would be greatly appreciated, i am willing to pay whatever is necessary for me to get these if that is the way you would like to do it.

For anyone looking for new members in a fleet that's on the larger side with active players, I currently have:

Fed ENG: Tholian Recluse/Orb Weaver
Fed TAC: Arimitage Heavy escort Carrier
Fed SCI: Vesta Bundle
Klin TAC: Bortasqu Tactical Cruiser
And soon to be a Romulan Engineer.

Again, my main concern here is that im looking to obtain these Yellowstones for my Vesta setup on my SCI. Any information would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for your time,


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