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I am seeking a fleet to spend my STO time with. I just reached level 50 with my Romulan tactical character and am now entering into the grind period where I hope to get a reasonable build going as soon as I can reasonable do it.

I am looking for a mature group that play a wide range of the game as I enjoy PVE and PVP. I like good communication with TS/mumble and teamwork. Very importantly the group I join should play within the European timezone. I am playing the evenings and weekends and sometimes during the day, all GMT+0 (summer time +1). I can't do Thursday evenings and Sunday evenings, so if these are your main planned events that isn't going to work but otherwise I am available.

I am more than happy to contribute effort towards fleet goals. I want to get better at the game, both tactically and gear wise and I'll earn my place.

In past games that I have fallen for I have been a relatively high achiever. At one point I was the richest man in the Eve universe and ran a corp of 250 people. I won a European championship in call of duty. I have held a world ranking in Counter strike. I current administer an Arma 3 clan which is one of the largest and is the best trained in Europe. I am a software developer by trade and often write small software apps for simulating the game or solving clan concerns. Hence I often have plenty to offer when I am in the right sort of group of like minded gamers.

Hopefully the right group for me is out there. Ask any questions you want to.
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06-26-2013, 06:23 PM
Hi how are you? You seem like the perfect dedicated team player we are looking for. We are Liberty Task Force at www.libertytaskforce.com and we have players from all over the world. We have admins from both the U.S. and from Europe. There is usually someone online to play with on the team on our peak hours we average around 22 players at a time and about 11 on our TeamSpeak voice server. On Friday we will be two months old, by Sunday we will have finished our Tier III Shipyard that should give you an idea of the dedication of our fleet.

We boast a very active website, new posts and replies up everyday. We welcome you to visit our website and judge for yourself. If you have any further question you can contact me directly at Info@LibertyTaskForce.com and friend me in-game at Grayfox@GrayfoxJames. We hope you decide to join us. We are also looking to fill some of our admin spots with very knowledgable and active members. Hope to hear from you and that you join us.

P.S. I was also once a HUGE Counter-Strike LAN competition player. Ran the largest CS server in the U.S. East Coast at one point so who knows we might have played against each other at some point

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07-02-2013, 07:32 AM
Greetings friend,

I think {UFP} may be a fleet for you, we are a large community which has been involved in Star Trek gaming for over a decade. We have a community from all across the world, we have 3 divisions dedicated to each faction, and another Division focused on being the best titled "Elite Strike Force", which from your initial comment strikes me as a possible motive for joining {UFP}.

You may also be interested to know that every couple of months we host an award ceremony abbreviated UFPAC dedicated to recognising individual ability and achievement by helping the fleet. So your attitude to helping the fleet and getting better in game would ideally get you recognised.

either way if you are interested visit us at http://ufplanets.com/

Kind Regards on behalf of all of {UFP},

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07-02-2013, 10:49 AM
hi there, i represent a fleet called battle group victor. we are based in great britain. we are looking to recruit a few more players. there are a few of us who play mostly in the evenings. feel free to drop me a message ingame on @stoodogg for more info. thanks for your time

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