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# 1 Retirements And New Beginings
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Author's Note: This is just a story that has been rattling around in my head for a short time. I don't think it's great, but I thought I'd put it out there for everybody.

Captain's Log: Stardate 489719

The Olympus will soon be docking at Starbase 1 so she can be decommissioned after 35 years of service to Starfleet. This is a bitter sweet day for my crew and I. While we are sad to say goodbye to the Olympus, we look forward to what will come next. Admiral Quinn has promised me command of a brand new ship. He also vowed that I would be allowed to take my most senior officers from the Olympus with me to the new ship if they chose to follow. I'm happy to announce that, to a person, my officers have agreed to do just that. So despite the fact that we will soon be moving into a new "home," our "family" will not be breaking up.

"Sir, approaching Earth Spacedock," Lieutenant Commander Dong announced.

Captain Brian Murphy nodded. "Very well. Notify approach control, commander."

"Approach," Dong said. "This is the Olympus. Ready for docking maneuver."

"Olympus, you're cleared to dock," the flight controller at the starbase answered.

"Commander Dong, maneuvering thrusters only," Murphy ordered.

"Maneuvering thrusters only. Aye, sir." Dong skilfully maneuvered the ship into place. Several seconds later, he announced, "Sir, systems locked."

"Spacedock, you have control," Murphy announced to the flight control officer.

"Understood, Olympus. Welcome home."

"Mr. Dong, you have the bridge," Captain Murphy announced as he entered the turbo lift. He rode down to his quarters on Deck 8. The suite of rooms had been his home away from home for the past 3 years. Before that, he had spent nearly a year and a half just down the corridor in the first officer's quarters. Most of Murphy's personal effects had been cleared out and prepared for transport to the bachelor officers quarters on Spacedock. There was just one last thing he needed to grab before beaming over to the dock. The captain scanned the room for several seconds before finding what he was looking for. A small black and white ball of fur purred in the corner of the room as it slept.

Truth be told, the cat had originally belonged to as exgirlfriend. Brian has never been a "cat person," before he and Anne had met. However, he bonded with the cat, named Bugg, even more thoroughly than he had bonded with the pretty young medical officer. When Anne left him, citing her opinion that Brian cared more about his career than a relationship, she told him to keep the cat. Since then, Bugg had followed Brian from assignment to assignment.

"Hey, buddy," Captain Murphy said as he scooped up his animal companion. "You ready to get out of here?" The cat answered with a small plaintive meow.

"Don't worry. We'll only be grounded for a s week or so. Then we'll be out there again zipping around the galaxy."

The door chime sounded.

"Come," Murphy said as he held the his cat. R'Shee, the tall Andorian first officer, entered the captain's quarters. At 6'1, the first officer nearly towered over her captain, who at 5'7 was considered "short" by most people's standards.

"Sir," R'Shee said as she folder her arms, "we're you talking to the feline again?"

The captain chuckled. "You heard that, dd you? It's an old human habit. We talk to our pets like people, even though we know they can't answer back."

Commander R'Shee turned to more serious matters. "Captain, have you heard what our next assignment is to be?"

Murphy shook his head. "I haven't. Admiral Quinn has kept me in the dark, so far. However, he has revealed we are being assigned to a brand new ship. There's always the chance we could end up..."

The first officer didn't let her captain finish, "An Odyssey Class?"

"It's a possibility. Probably just wishful thinking on my part, but I know the latest Oddy will be launched from the San Francisco Fleetyards in a couple of weeks."

"Yes," R'Shee replied. "I believe you mean the USS New Orleans." She paused for a second "You're from New Orleans, aren't you, Captain?"

"Baton Rouge, actually. It's just a short hop from New Orleans, though." The captain smiled as he thought back to a time before he joined Starfleet. "I fell in love with New Orleans as a kid. The culture, the food, the people, the music. In a way, it's almost like New Orleans is stuck in the past...in a good way. Sometimes, I can walk around in the French Quarter, and it almost feels like I'm back in the late 18th Century. You should take a day during our shore leave to visit the city, R'Shee."

The Andorian smiled. "I may take you up on the recommendation, Captain. In the meantime, sir, please let me know when you hear what our next assignment is."

"I promise, you'll be the first to know. In the meantime, you're more than welcome to accompany Bugg and me to the transporter room."

The Next Day...

Only a few hours after docking, the USS Olympus was officially retired. It was a simple, dignified ceremony attended by several Starfleet bigwigs. After the pomp and circumstance, Murphy and his crew went their separate ways to enjoy their shore leave. The captain remained on Spacedock and waited to hear the news of his new assignment.

His wait would soon be over.

Captain Murphy entered Admiral Jorel Quinn's office and came attention in front of the admiral's desk.

"At ease, Captain," the admiral said. Then he smiled. "Have a seat, Brian."

Murphy sat as Quinn picked up a PADD and quickly read through the contents.

"I've been reviewing your service record," Quinn said as he tapped the PADD with his index finger. "For a man who has only been out of the Academy for 11 years, you've certainly distinguished yourself."

"I've always endeavored to serve the Federation to the best of my ability, Admiral," Murphy replied modestly. "As you know, however, promotion can come all too easily during a time of war."

Quinn nodded. "Nevertheless, Captain, your record is extremely impressive. You're the kind of officer that Starfleet needs right now. Especially considering the fact that we're in the middle of a war." The admiral stood, and walked over to a view port. He continued speaking as h stared out into the direction of the San Francisco Fleetyards.

"What do you know of the new Odyssey Class starships, Captain?"

Murphy thought back to a briefing he had read months before, and started to rattle off a series of facts and figures about the new starships. After a few seconds, Quinn turned and held up a hand for silence.

"What it all boils down to Captain, is that the Odyssey can serve Starfleet's primary mission of exploration, but still kick a little butt while we're embroiled in this war. We need the best of the best in the center chair of those ships."

"Absolutely, sir," Murphy replied. He tried not to show it, but excitement was building up inside of him.

"The USS New Orleans-D," Quinnl continued, "is scheduled to be launched next Tuesday. Starfleet wants you to command it. I know you won't have very much time to get acquainted with the vessel before launch, and for that I apologize. However, we're working on a very strict timetable. I'm afraid, it'll mean you won't have much free time during your shore leave, Brian." The admiral gave his subordinate a tight smile.

"It's not a problem, sir...I'm...grateful for the opportunity."

Jorel Quinn nodded. "You deserve it, Captain." he pulled a PADD from his desk drawer, and handed it over. "Here are your official orders."

"Thank you, Admiral." Brian said as he took the small electronic device. He saluted Admiral Quinn.

Quinn returned the salute, then offered his hand to shake. "Man the ship, and bring her to life, Captain Murphy."

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