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06-27-2013, 10:29 AM
Originally Posted by o0kami87 View Post
I have an idea, instead of locking KDF players out of Risa completely after the event how about allowing access to it after enacting Diplomatic Immunity for "diplomatic relations"
Are just Klingon KDF members not allowed to go to Risa or you mean for Rom-KDF too?
Because Marauding rank 3 is not that hard to earn, and I can go to Risa with my Rom-KDF.
If you haven't payed attention, they've fixed Marauding so now you get all transwarp locations and Grant Marauding ability on rank 3 (you can use it on yourself).
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I must say, I am rather underwhelmed by this event.

I went down there, looked at the prices of Superior Jetpacks, bought some sunglasses and then left.

It's just more grind!
I didn't really fancy the idea of finding 1000 favors per character, so just dismissed the idea.

Pretty much, it's all based around spending time collecting item X.
And I do that enough in regular gameplay, I was hoping for something different during an event.

So, I'm just ignoring this event.
And most likely, any others that come after it.
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06-28-2013, 01:23 AM
Originally Posted by berrycola View Post
How about giving the Caitian, Ferasan, Saurian or Gorn something else then, instead of excluding them from the cool sunglasses.

Gorn are already so limited in customization...
Gorn are already an evolutionary peak. It is hard to improve the result of hundreds of millions of years of natural selection. Any customization might only degenerate the mighty gorn genome.
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06-28-2013, 01:41 AM
Originally Posted by iskandus View Post
Not really, I only play for the blue side - you know for love and justice and honor. The Klink have regressed so badly since LoR that none of them seem able to fight alone or outnumbered. In Kerrat, if both sides have equal number of ships, the Klink will duct for cover soon enough. If the Fed outnumbers Klink, they will remain cloaked the whole time like mouse. Only when they outnumber Fed that they will show up and all gang up against one single ship. If that's what you called "more skilled", well, I should post pics of all the Klink I killed in Kerrat, they are fragile and easy and have no idea to deal with cloak attacks.
That's just the art of war, by Sun-Tzu. Ah, the despair of that cruiser stuck between a borg cube and scenery, when I de-cloak for my alpha.
Whatever we deny or embrace, we belong togheter./ Pat Benatar
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06-28-2013, 02:02 AM
Originally Posted by tachyonharmonic View Post
*cue announcer* Your fabulous vacation on Risa starts with 25 days of grinding! Grinding is so fun, you'll want to do it for a whole month!

But seriously, is it possible to do these events without turning them into a grind? Or is that just the philosophy of the game now?
I guess it hinges on the definition of grinding.

Back when I had to "grind" estfs, while it was sometimes tiring (especially the ground ones) it was always fun. The actual gameplay should be rewarding enough in itself, than it's no longer a grind, and the favors/pearls should be just bonus items.

On the other hand, I can't imagine Flying High being that fun, after a few runs. Especially because it can be completed easily using the basic floater. Another thing is, that flying is not that intense as one would imagine, at least not in the game. I recall, back, in X games, if you haven't had the small space debris effect, you couldn't even tell if you're moving at all. Here too, when you fly high, and you no longer have any objects near you, your actual speed no longer gives you that rush. In order to make flying fun, there should be much higher speed ranges, together with the increased momentum. Want a thrill ? Try free falling, gaining great speed than avoiding collision the last minute, your floater screeching and all. But to make these, this aspect of the game should be designed more deeply, and probably it is too much to ask from a temporary game element. To be short, I was not impressed by the flying high mission, imo it is only interesting the first time you perform it. Than the rest of the 24 runs, will be done only for the pearls, and ship, and that meets the requirement to be termed grinding. The dance one reeks being done for afkers. The sculpture hunting at least appears random, and involves exploration, as far as I can tell (had two runs of it) and it also provides the chance eggs. I think this is what I will pursue to collect the needed favors for a few nice items.

The scenery is great, the island is romantic and wild, the day-night cycle is a refreshing element, there are exploration accolades. If only I could bump or unbalance other floaters That would be some fun.

So, first impression is great, flying feels a bit sluggish (probably on purpose to make us buy the advanced floaters ), but getting what you want will indeed require a bit of a grind.
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06-28-2013, 02:09 AM
Originally Posted by newromulan1 View Post

I can see a massive forum rage coming after 25 days of grinding and them a lot of BOOM BOOM POP POP POP - 1.30 second respawn wait for Sooooooooo many PvE players.

25 days of grind is a lot and STO players are not too forgiving - remember the Breen ship was 36k hull I believe.
it is not 25 days of grind. It is a short, 10-15 minutes of gauntlet flying, once a day, for a month. Indeed it it is a grind, but not as bad as you make it sound to be.

The game is already too easy. Maybe if their ships pop, they start to think how to make their ships not to pop.
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A little background while I warm up to beat the Costume Dev where it hurts them most!

The KDF Maruading BOFF has been consistently flawed ever since it's introduction.
No matter how many updates the tailor gets, this issue is consistently ignored!

And might I remind you, the Starfleet equivalent works perfectly.

Also, not sure about this "designating a costume as off duty feature".
From the way it was described, you have to make a completely new costume in an empty slot to specify it as "off duty".

I already have a slot designated as off-duty.
Does that mean I have to make another one in addition to that first one?

Personally, I think that's a bad idea, we should be able to completely modify our slots, not be forced to use an empty one to make an offduty outfit.

My inner cynic is asking me to say that this is a scam to sell more costume slots.
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06-28-2013, 06:49 AM
A grind is a grind is a grind.

No matter how easy it is, it's still a grind!

Now take the Ambassador class mission, that's a good way to get a ship.

You do a story mission, your grand reward is earned through doing actual gameplay.

That's what they should do, make a story mission instead that revolves around acquiring your ship.

But that means people would login less and do less grinding, so yeah, they're not going to do it!

I'm just not in the mood to play the grind game anymore, not with all the other grind based elements in the game.
Things that are actually somewhat necessary and get you useful items in exchange for your hard work.

Also, I expect they wouldn't sell as many lockbox keys if it was that easy.
The process can be shortened by paying lobi crystals to get pearls and favors.

Although, I'm uncertain about the merit of doing it.

I opened 4 lockboxes and only got enough lobi to purchase 100 favors.
That's 40 boxes per character to get the floater.
5 dollars per 4 boxes times 10=50 dollars.

Yeah, I'm going to spend 100 dollars (2 characters) for an item that isn't even usuable after the event is done.
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06-30-2013, 12:18 PM
I like the place hate the grind... (is there anything else than grind i start to wonder...) The ship should be reward of questline not 25 days of grinding even if it is just 10-15 minutes a day example for me it is impossible because of my work. (i can play games 2 days a week rest of time i am in work or in airplane or in hotel) (most of the time hotel does not even have internet connection...)

Huoh i wish that someone else would be designing content to the game since only thing they have added as long term solution is monotonous grinding more variety would be preferred (i enjoyed the romulan missions entirely but again after doing the mission quest line 4 times it starts to get repetative and i am gain in same poiint as my other characters grinding for new gear.)

I think they would need new ideas. (1 thing that would be help would be by redesigning all task forces from ground up and please no "Death Rays" 1 shot and if you are unlucky you go booom most Borg task forces seem to work like that. "death ray" mechanism of the game is just lazy design)
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# 180 Romulan Starbases!!!
06-30-2013, 01:32 PM
When is the option to select/convert to ROMULAN STARBASES for fleets starting?


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