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07-22-2013, 06:43 PM
It is kinda silly. To counter the enjoyment after getting the ship, we'd still be able to enjoy risa atter getting the ship, it just means others who didnt starr straight away or ones who couldnt log on every day will be able to get thiers too. I dont mind floating around while others are grinding pearls.
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# 152 Excess Pearls
07-22-2013, 07:32 PM
Anyone know if there's any use for excess pearls collected in the event? Or are they just inventory fillers?
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07-22-2013, 08:19 PM
Originally Posted by icegavel View Post
Uhm... Brandon... that's really dumb. Why make the limit shorter on the one thing people WANT, instead of having it go all the way?...
It's not a dumb idea at all. It's brilliant. The idea is to encourage players to spend money (to get the Lobi). Nothing wrong with that. It's a company that's supposed to make a profit.

They are already being very generous offering all that they do in this game at no charge.

Originally Posted by sathidphoenix View Post
Anyone know if there's any use for excess pearls collected in the event? Or are they just inventory fillers?
If they are like the Autographed 8x10" Q Pictures from last year's Winter Wonderland, then they are just inventory fillers.

Last year there was talk that they were going to do something with them (such as let us turn them in for GPL like the Winter Epohh Tags), but that never came to be, instead we could hold the Q Pics until the next Winter Wonderland and use them then. I'll presume the Pearls are going to be the same deal.

When XP earnings during a Double-XP Weekend still feel like I'm underperforming,
there's something terribly wrong with the reward system...

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# 154 Risa Summer Event
07-23-2013, 02:38 AM
If the Risa Summer Event ends on the 15th of August, why end the Flying High event on the 4th of August? That is just stupid. If you have obtained all of the accolades, obtained, sun glasses, beach and adventure wear, the stupid floral pack, the pet vanity birds, why go to Risa if not to still down the Flying High Event. Plus I know some players that won't have 1000 pearls by the 4th. Extend the Flying High Event until the 15th when the actual posted end date of the Risa Summer Event is advertised to end
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07-23-2013, 02:47 AM
As I mentioned in the earlier post, it may be something that "needs" to be clearer in the game - not just outside the game.

Somebody looking at the project and then looking at the popup/calendar - could easily assume that since the project says during the event and the event runs through a certain date, that the project can be completed during that date. There's no distinction made inside the game that the project duration is shorter than the event duration.

Like I said previously as well, short of additional issues - I should have no issue completing the project before that aspect of the event concludes. However, I had honestly forgotten that the overall event ran through the 15th and thought the 15th was actually an extension to the project because of the numerous issues that have plagued the game so far during the event.

But still, in the future for such events - perhaps having the actual date the project can be run separate from the overall event would alleviate any such potential confusion...
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07-23-2013, 03:45 AM
Originally Posted by lordhavelock View Post
The trick with reading things, is that you need to read (and comprehend) the whole thing. -SNIP-

Is there room for confusion? Yes. If you failed to read/comprehend all available information.
Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
Like the Winter Event to get the Breen ship, players have 35 days to earn the ship for free as long as they earn their 40 pearls for at least 25 of those days. Rather than have the summer event end at the end of those 35 days, we decided to have the actual event last longer so players could enjoy it and continue to earn the other rewards.


Brandon =/\=
Are you not assuming knowledge here?

This is all very well if you know to look outside the game, or were around the game in the Winter. I'm relatively new to this and there are evidently plenty of people who have just joined, especially with LOR and the Risa event.

Answer me this, please: where within the game does it tell you that the Pearls-for-corvette event ends before the Risa event does?

How will newcomers and those who - shock horror - just play the game and don't read forums or blogs about the game, know that the Pearls event ends before the whole Risa event does?

I'm pointing this out now not so much because I will have a problem (although, who knows, events may yet conspire from preventing me from completing this one by August 4th), but because I could have, and clearly some people will have, without being any the wiser as to the cut-off date - and to save you guys a headache dealing with loads of complaints in a couple of weeks time by properly informing your consumers within the game, about this.
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07-23-2013, 04:09 AM
It ends when it ends so people who missed 10 days (12 now I guess) will hopefully buy keys for real money (as opposed to the exchange with EC) and blow the lobi from the lockboxes on pearls. Then have to go buy more keys because they temporarily forgot about that other cool ship that they were saving all their lobi in the first place.
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# 158 Bar On Risa
07-23-2013, 04:19 AM
As a new player I was just on Risa and noticed no bar. If Risa is a pleasure planet then why no bar. I mean relaxing in the sun is fun but the sun do make people thirsty. Maybe this Ferengi needs to build one for you all lol!
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07-23-2013, 04:27 AM
Originally Posted by dhamahr View Post
As a new player I was just on Risa and noticed no bar. If Risa is a pleasure planet then why no bar. I mean relaxing in the sun is fun but the sun do make people thirsty. Maybe this Ferengi needs to build one for you all lol!
It did stand out rather odd to me that there wasn't some sort of a restaurant or bar in the resort building. But if the talk I'm hearing about the event area becoming permanent, perhaps that'll be added on in a patch.
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07-23-2013, 06:42 AM
I've done the math.

If I run the event every day from now until the end, I should be able to claim the ship on one character.

However, I already know I'm not likely to be able to do that. So I guess I hang on to the Pearls until next summer and hope the reward is the same or better.
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