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I seem to have the option to remove the spots on my fem joined trill. That's no big deal, it's something I wanted to see for a while, though I think it was unintentional lol.

The issue is, there's literally nothing to go with those shorts that looks decent other than a winter jacket. Most other items will clip horribly with them, not just slightly but really awful looking.

Short of remodelling every outfit to work with this piece, perhaps it would be good if we could use it as either an on duty uniform piece or put the tos mirror outfit with it on the off duty list?

Another thing, what happened with the bikinis? The ones the npcs on risa wear look fantastic, everything else available looks rather poor by comparison!


Same on kdf. Can't use it with anything that looks good or makes sense.
Originally Posted by virusdancer
ARC: A way to Redeem Codes
To be clear, I despise the oddy outfit.

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