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I've spoken about this before, but the thread is so old by now, that going back to it would be against the TOS to start it up again.

The idea is, that each Faction main social hub should have a "Embassy section" of it.

Going around ESD, I find the following ambassadors:

- Deferi
- Romulan
- Human/Federation
- Risan

Over time we have had more than that loitering around the HUGE empty area outside the admirals officer, and while their loitering seems more natural on Qo'nos, it still seems off.

Even during wartimes, most species seem to keep a diplomatic presence at their enemies strongholds, but they never just stand around waiting for people to talk to them... They have duties and tasks to fulfill and they can't really do that from a hallway now can they?

What I am suggesting, is to create a specific area where the ambassadors can have their own, faction themed office, from where they can look busy, while waiting for players to talk to them.

On ESD, the (to me at least) obvious choice would be to use the door next to the admirals office to allow for turbolift access to a special "Embassy" level, that from the beginning could be designed to be expanded when needed.
Then, they create a generic office:
  • Desk
  • Table
  • Comm terminal
And then copy-paste when needed, on a expandable hallway, and then theme the office to suit the Diplomat in question.

Obviously this is only for ESD... Mol'Rihan and Qo'nos would need someone with greater attachment than me to evaluate where such places should be in said locations, but it's important that its a place players can notice and easily find.

This would make sense from a game standpoint too (IMO of cause), since it would allow for the ambassadors to stick around, and make the expirience a little more complete.

Good or bad idea?
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07-04-2013, 02:12 PM
Interesting idea.

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