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No crazy suggestion post has gone before...

Looking at potential ways to progress end game, I came up
with a revision to my idea about exploration, Pvp, Expansion in the universe.

Creating a Race
I'd like to create a new feature in Foundry for fleets.
This upgrade would allow a Fleet leaders to fabricate planets As well as Make a racial template for its fleets species. You may choose to pool from the same faction (Federation, Klingon) or create up to 10 variations yourself.

Each Fleet will be able to pick symbols to represent their empire, when seen in the sector map, you will
see these symbols (if in a team-fleet)

Each fleet will right back story, This will show in the Boxes of the pop up in sector space.

Interacting with the fleet
Once a fleet has created its race, it will be published into a spawn location ( Up to 5 per a system). Typically sectors will have up to 25 systems, So each race will be granted by default 5 systems to expand to. Fleets bases will be stationed in the home world (spawn location) system of the race.

PvE and PvP Missions
The game will have scripted in it various Missions. Both Pve And PvP Quest givers will be located on the lobby floor in the Star-base.

Pve Missions Will include tasks like, go and offer alliance proposals to other races (fleets), Colonize new worlds, Scan annomolies etc.

PvP Missions will include things like, conquest of another fleets systems, Kill other fleet members (the general quest, ie bread and butter) that you are at war with, and even Attacks on the other fleets star-base.

Conquest and Expansion

Below is a map, please review.

In this example we can see 3 fleets (Red, Purple and Blue) And we also see a neutral non-colonized system in the middle of the map.

The Aura's here represent the influence of that race in order to expand it, you need Pvers. If a neutral system is not in your influence zone, It is not Colonizeable or exploitable to you.

If two factions share influence in a bordering system, they can both engage in battle there, or each of the two can colonize it. However, the influence cannot extend into the territory of another fleet, only to borders established by both parties.

(this is the sole control mechanic to stop massive Extreme expansion rates)

Because your home system is the only one with a star-base (at least at first)
You will need to protect your space. You do this by preventing other players from
attacking your planets, etc.

Colonies will have classifications depending on how many days they have been under
the control of that race. Further, they will offer unique benefits to the fleet, based on
its type. These colonies are automatically picked by its corresponding system type.

Colony Focus's
Military Colony
These colonies are established on Planet based systems. They offer 15 Defense Platforms, and 5 Defense AI controlled ships, as its benefit.

Mining Colony
These colonies are established in Asteroid based systems. They offer 1500 Dilithium a day to the fleet.

Trade Colonies
These colonies are established on Moon Based Systems. they offer 150,000 EC a day to the fleet.

Outskirts Colony (a small, Outlying colony, Automatically applies to systems on the border of the empire (With in 2 squares of the edge of its space).

Colony Types
Home world
This is the colonies are the home world of the system. If lost, the race dies off, and another race is born (after 24 hours). They Gain 200% effects of the colony focus.

Border World
These Worlds are with in 2 parsecs (Squares) of the fleets border. They only receive 50% of the effects of the system (due to corruption).

These worlds are neither Border, or home worlds, They receive 100% of the focus bonus's.


Subjection treaty
In one of two situations, an empire may be placed here, Either because they were conquered, and the conquere choose not to kill the off, by rather turn them into slaves (which has benefits) Or because they spawned in a spawn location in the influence of a superior race. Subjected rates pay 15% of their Ec and Dilithium income to their master race.

These Two parties are allied, and can protect each other space from invaders.
this increases the income rates of EC and Dilithium by 0.5% up to 12.5% over the period of 30 days.

Trade Alliance
These two parties trade with each other. this increases the income rates of EC and Dilithium by 1% up to 10% over the period of 30 days.

These parties are at war, and are attackable to each other in their two territories (only)

Colonizing & Conquering a system
A homeworld is system is only conquered through the destruction of its fleet star-base.
Other colonies can be

Blockaded (stops all income on the planet from happening while that fleet has players in orbit).

Destroyed (This will wipe out life on this planet, but in return will prevent you from colonizing it for a week).

Enslaved population
this will allow you to make the population work for you, but will only last up to a week or until liberated by its race. you will only gain 20% of the income when doing this.

This will just involve the planet is in your influence zone, and going to the planet, and transporting materials, and deploying defense satellites in orbit. (takes about 5 minutes)

What the fleet members get for doing quests here

Each fleet will be granted a slot for each ship type (Sci, Eng, Tac) additional
slots can be bought with zen.

This will allow the Fleet leader to design a ship (through a series of connector parts) its color, and its tac/officer slots. these in return can be bought with Special operation fleet marks, which only come from doing quests in this area.

The foundry will receive upgrades to allow for unique designs of ships that have
yet to be seen by the people in sto/star trek. Perhapse we can include many Parts
from ships of races yet to be seen, like Voth, Kazon, etc.

This proposal was watered down from a much more complex system involving planetary happy rates, rebellions of planets, and much more.

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06-27-2013, 07:22 PM
We are all ship Captains in this game. There is not a class called Government Official. This is an entirely separate game you are suggesting. It is one thing to belong to a fleet that is constantly working on their home port and upgrading its facilities. But I doubt Picard would ever settle for parking the Enterprise in orbit of plant X while he runs the colony and what not.
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# 3
06-27-2013, 08:43 PM

I had not considered this. This actually makes things very difficult.
The purpose of the system is to create races that are constantly changing
so that exploration is always changing in game.

So we have to make a choice on two choices.

Permanent races that are dev created, At the cost of having static play
Or stepping out side of that role of captain, and playing emperor at the cost of going against that role.

Since there is races in the Star trek series, and their were govern with people, why
not open up that possibility? Let me know what you think; because if we go with option 1
we are forced to have say 20 static empires.

Unless we could find a way for players to create it and still fill that role (which is a possible third option)
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# 4
06-27-2013, 08:48 PM
I have a working concept, Will revise it and post later about it.

Logics tells me Remove control of the race, but keep the rest.
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06-28-2013, 02:37 AM
I would not participate. I came to STO to captain a starship, I have no desire to build, maintain, or expand an empire, or to nurse a race to glory.

But that is me.
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06-28-2013, 09:12 PM
we have took that into consideration.

I have a working conceptual way of making the play keep the role of captain
but allowing for players to create an empire (races) for exploitative content to
remain unique.

They would follow through with the creation part above, then the race would
automatically react according to players choices of quests etc.

For example, you have two quests, Pve and PvP.

Pve quests give + 25 Points on the bar
PvP Quests give - 30 Points on the bar

The bar is set ups so that

0-20 % is Evil race 21-79 % is Neutral (both) 80-100% Is Good

The quests of the race will differ depending on what alignment the race is.
When creating the race, you will select its starting alignment. Then, once
spawned, the race will have a decay rate of X % Per a day back to its original

PvP races will be offered in the area, but will flag you for having the quest.
PvE Will be offered in the area, but will not flag you. However because
pvp has more risk involved, it will have more impact (this should balance out
considering more people are pro-pve, then pvp)

Let me know what you think from there
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06-29-2013, 05:52 PM
Again, creating an entire race is not what this is about. What you are suggesting is in line with Age of Empires or Civilization type games. STO is not about building or maintaining an empire or race.

Fleets are designed to represent smaller groups within Starfleet/KDF/Romulan Republic. Much like my Company is a smaller group within the Army.

So long as you are suggesting or advocating the idea of creating and maintaining a race, I shall continue to tell you that it is not for this game. I would be happy to entertain ideas that have to do with new fleet missions.

For example, perhaps there could be some sort of reward for setting up a fleet vs fleet PvP, such as 5 members of my Fed fleet go up against 5 members of a KDF fleet winners get 50 fleet marks each and losers get 25 each with no other rewards. This would encourage fleet teamwork and perhaps increase PvP as this would mean 125 or 250 Fleet Marks each round for the fleet.
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06-29-2013, 10:45 PM
I understand your point, But allowing a player to just design the race, and then for it to be placed into the universe poses no opposition to this. It allows the game to receive new races, to interact with.

the most important thing would be how to design that system, and when a race would cease to exist. a good idea may be that people do enough quests with that race a month, the races stays alive.

but you would set up the interaction with the race in the universe, as you interact with feds, or other races. Just doing quests and tasks for them. Yes the race was created by the player, but not controlled by it.

maybe in time, you could allow the player to station his fleet base in orbit of one of their planets.
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06-30-2013, 03:23 PM
Eh. It would be neat to maybe have a contest once a year or whatever to introduce a player designed race along with a brief back story so that the game does get in influx of new stuff is an okay idea.
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07-01-2013, 12:58 AM
Its much better If we can allow the spawning when a race dies out.

I really am curious to see.

lets assume we both agree, that foundry is the best tool to make exploration
be the future of pve (and maybe pvp) that the foundry can faciliate this need
of new constant Content, that allows us to explore new stuff.

What would the birth and death conditions be if you had the choice?
What sort of mechanic would you use to cause the race to expand, and thrive?
How would you involve it so that fleets would be part of it?

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