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Of late in particular, I've noticed that the distance between veteran PvPers, and new ones has grown longer and longer. As new players have no where (save practically non-existent private queues nobody is setting up) to test their skills in an environment where their lack of reputation levels or gear doesn't penalize them, many end up playing briefly before deciding that they're too far behind, and that pvp 'isn't for me'.

There've been some proposals for classic game modes in the past that limit certain console types, ships, weapons- that sort of thing, but ultimately it comes down to a bunch of tech that really doesn't exist currently.

So too does my proposal- but my proposal goes about it differently.

Basically, one thing I've noticed is that collectable card style minigames are very popular and make a lot of money either in F2P or subscription based games. Opening packs and getting that rare card nobody else has, that lets you do something cool or unique, is a powerful motivation. While a true collectable card game can certainly end up with a 'I win because I have the most money' setup (and many have), a more simpler version that isn't actually a card *game* has seen very popular returns in current F2P games such as Warframe, where the cards are actually abilities for your space ninja.

But where am I going with this tangent? Simply put: Ships. Ships ships ships ships.

What if a ship was a card. I can hear the grumbling from here, so bear with it. What if a specific ship with specific boff, doff, and console/gear layouts was a card.

What if that ship was named Enterprise? Or Valdore? Or Negh'Var?

This is what my proposal is:

Create a PVP format that is accessible through a card-like minigame, with fixed 'preset' ships that have fixed gear/doffs/boffs, and are based on famous ships or encounters from star trek history. Players who play in this system would have their rep powers disabled, and only their captain abilities would contribute to the ship they're flying.

When a player enters this game type, he does so via activating a specific ship 'card', which he got either from a free starter + free C-store booster pack every player gets at the requisite level, or from additional booster packs earned for completing specific episode chains, or bought from the C-store.

A ship card might be like "Enteprise C, Support Cruiser Retrofit", and come loaded exactly like the Enterprise C from Temporal Ambassador is.

Alternatively, it might be "USS Odyssey, Federation Flagship" and loaded like the shakedown cruise mission.

When a player right clicks on the appropriate card and says 'join classic PVP queue as [shipname]', it enters him into a pvp queue. When he arrives in that queue he has a 15 second period where he cannot move but his powers tray is unlocked so he can rearrange his powers to his preference, and the game would remember his power loadout whenever he flew this ship.

You could have all sorts of gametypes- Capture and Hold, Arena, Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, and players could bring classic starships from all across federation history. In universe this would represent a popular game played by captains and civilians across the galaxy, and would even let Cryptic release ships that it could not normally let players fly due to IP issues- like the venerable Tier 5 Constitution class, or the Tier 5 T'liss, or even other ships that a captain would have no business flying, like the Plague Ship, or a crapload of delta quadrant vessels.

This mode might even serve to preview ships before they come out- mabye Cryptic releases a 'temporary bonus pack' that expires after a length of time. For a month players can fly that new ship that isn't out yet, as it was envisioned to be flown. Or maybe they can finally fly that ugly old kitbash Typhoon they've been wanting to- or the Jupiter Class Dreadnought.

You might even have ships that are the same ship from different periods- dominion war era Galaxy, versus Season 2 TNG galaxy class- one focused more towards exploration, the other tactical.

This sort of game mode would require a lot of work, but it would really seriously eliminate the advantages of 'gear' and 'rep' between old players and new ones, and give new players a taste of what it's like at the end game of pvp.

If players eventually grow tired of having to play fixed preset starships and want to try something new, they can wade into the deep end of the PVP queues, trying builds or ideas they had when flying similar ships in the starship game.

Again, it'd probably be a lot of work, and probably as much work as making a 'classic white gear no C-store ships/consoles' PVP mode, if not more.

But I think it'd do a lot more for the state of the game than that sort of mode, and really serve as an investment to get new players into PVP.
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06-28-2013, 08:51 AM
Youre a genious, its a brilliant idea and easy to make. Nowadays new pvp people cant learn anything from pvp just because they are blown too fast by older players with better equipment. With balanced ships "Your cards" you dont win because you p2w more or because you play more time a day - fair winning xD. With this new sytem new pvp guys can learn a lot more fast and get a lot more motivated.
With your new pvp mission new pvp guys wouldnt say "pvp isnt for me".

This should get into holodeck.
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That's me !

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06-28-2013, 11:32 AM
I support this idea. Start Tribble testing now
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06-28-2013, 12:06 PM
I like it...ships with fixed, un-modifiable equipment, but you set up boffs and powers.
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06-28-2013, 12:13 PM
Originally Posted by naevius View Post
I like it...ships with fixed, un-modifiable equipment, but you set up boffs and powers.
in my case, make new builds and experiment with them is the most entertained part of the game. If u take that away....
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