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Been in IT for 17 yrs on the systems side. Started in Desktop support - > Sys Admin -> Sys Engineer -> Virtualization Consultant -> Infrastructure Architect -> Lord and Master of Technology (lol made that up for fun). Now Certified Security+, Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)...working on Certified Hacking Forensics Investigator (CHFI) and Certified Information Systems Security Professional CISSP).

Passwords and understanding

Most people believe that password security consists of something so unique that no one can figure it out. Im going to keep this as simple as possible. The password you create means nothing. Computers and authentication services don't care because your password is encrypted into a hash. This hash is a value created by an algorithm. That Value is then matched giving you access. The strength of the hash is more in the number of characters used, the more characters the stronger. Also, using symbols, numbers increases the complexity and makes it harder to crack by brute force attempts.

What is Brute force

Plainly guessing by using programs to ascertain your Hash and in turn your password/access. So if you use only letters in the alphabet thats 26 chances per character to get the hash to your password/access. Upper/lower case alterations moves it to 52, symbols etc and so on.

how can I create a complex password that I can remember

You cant without help, we are human and the more complex the password the easier it is for us to forget but there is hope, im not selling anything. There are free programs like Keepass 1password etc that create a database for you and can generate 30 character passwords that are impossible to remember but you can store in the program and with one password have access to all your passwords.

Also change your passwords monthly since if someone is trying to hack you it may take them 60, 90, 120 days with the most powerful computers on the market currently.

I know this is just a game but your bank accounts, social networking sites and NEVER STORE YOUR PASSWORDS IN THE BROWSER! I mean dont.

Watch out for shoulder surfers

Now that there are google goggles cover all your gas pump and credit card uses pin codes. All a knucklehead has to do is snapshot your credit/debit card and then hes buying lifetime membership (lol) or just people angling themselves to look at your input, a form of social engineering as is malware keep your definitions updated and if you can afford it, have a gateway program that's different from your desktop program. Each company has their strengths and weaknesses.

Identity theft is getting to be a big problem. Lamers wanting free stuff, losers with no conscious, etc...

A big issue I have is the forums, not https so clear text passwords being sent. Not a big deal its a game but many people may use passwords for the forum that they use for their sensitive security accounts. Remember, the LLAMMA in the basement wants free stuff. Dont give it to him.

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