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... In either WINE or POL in KDE.

After putting in my login info the launcher will go to the second screen with the ads and patch button. But the patch button will remain grayed out, nothing will download (I checked with a network montor and nothing is running in the background), and while the links all seem to be live, they take me nowhere.

Now, the launcher did work one time. Long enough for me to download LOR. But the next day I tried it and the problem above showed up. Wine and POL, and the associated files, are both up to date as far as I know. I've also gotten the most recent version of the launcher. The game file itself runs if I do it from the folder, but I think I need the launcher to verify my account since it wont proceed past the login screen.

I've been poking around every Linux site Google will take me to about it, but I'm pretty much going to have to admit my failure to get it running myself and seek help of wiser heads. What do I need to tell you that you can use to tell me a solution?
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